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The Silver Spork rides into town

Submitted 08-05-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Local food truck feature


Bartertown Diner raises money for market improvements at the Fulton Street Farmers Market with delicious eats

Submitted 07-29-2011 under NONPROFITS

Starting July 30 and running right through the market season, our friends at Bartertown Diner are replacing regular menu items with meals made from produce fresh from FSFM that morning.


Stacking up: How the new Fulton Street Farmers Market will put GR on the map

Submitted 07-28-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

[INTERACTIVE MAP] Melissa Harrington explains how the newly proposed $2 million renovation plans for FSFM will position Grand Rapids in the national farmers market scene.


Grand Rapids Farmers Markets 101

Submitted 07-25-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

An introduction to farmers markets in general and a guide to the many farmers markets available in Grand Rapids.


In season - July 22, 2011

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Enjoy the bounty of a beautiful summer; plenty to buy at the Fulton Street Farmers Market now! If you're curious about what's at market, FSFM regularly publishes a list of goods.


In season - July 2, 2011

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Berries Galore! Come visit the market soon to enjoy the bounty!


Bartertown Diner and Roc’s Cakes to open at long last

Submitted 06-22-2011 under NEWS

The long-awaited vegetarian diner, located at 6 Jefferson SE, will finally open after several months of delays


New Heartside businesses, getting saucy Italian style and snazzy photo recap of the Meetup!

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This month It’s All Happening includes a peek at a few new Neighbors, an inside look at an exciting event series and some pics from the June Meetup! Revision Division is in full effect month and we ar


In Season: June 11, 2011

Submitted 06-15-2011 under NONPROFITS

What's in season? What fresh produce is on the horizon? If you're curious about what's at market, the Fulton Street Farmers Market publishes a list of goods every week.


From the garden: Harvesting your own hyper-local herbal apothecary

Submitted 06-13-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Getting Started: Harvesting your own hyper-local herbal apothecary by growing and preserving basic kitchen herbs for you and your family's wellness all year long.