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Community Updates: Friday, May 27

Submitted 05-27-2022 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the OBON Society work together to return a Japanese soldier's "Good Luck Flag" to his family; the City of Grand Rapids approves the use of legal fireworks for the summer holidays (including Juneteenth); and more


GRAM Announces First Major American Impressionism Exhibition in over a Decade

Submitted 05-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

In A New Light: American Impressionism 1870 ‑1940 l Works from the Bank of America Collection on view June 11 -  Aug 27


Damon's Journey From Utter Desperation to a New Life Filled With Faith, Hope

Submitted 05-26-2022 under NONPROFITS

At one point in his life, Damon Whitmore was on top of the world, enjoying his role of partner in a successful law firm. In the next, he was alone and jobless, hardly a dollar to his name, his wife and daughter out of the picture, and awakening every morning “resolved to drink myself to death.”


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Makes Music a Universal Language?

Submitted 05-23-2022 under OPINION

A student of one of our panelists, Fred Stella, asks: I’m curious as to why music seems to be universal in religious worship. To the best of my knowledge, there is no religion that does not utilize it in some fashion. I realize this might be speculation, but I’d welcome any thoughts on the subject.


God Put Guiding Light in my Path: Jeremy Marks Five Years of Sobriety

Submitted 05-23-2022 under NONPROFITS

“I remember showing up at Guiding Light, seeing the big cross and thinking ‘I’m in the wrong place,’” Jeremy says. “I’m a sinner. I’ve done a lot of bad things. I’ve hurt people through my actions. I thought I was beyond redemption. God put Guiding Light in my path at the right time."


The Return of Absurdism

Submitted 05-20-2022 under OPINION


Community Updates: Friday, May 20

Submitted 05-20-2022 under NEWS

The Kent County Prosecutor releases a statement updating the public on the status of the Patrick Lyoya case; Grand Rapids experiences a wave of violent crime; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is Monotheism?

Submitted 05-16-2022 under OPINION

Jim V. asks, “Christianity has the trinity, Jewish mysticism has 10 emanations of the infinite God, Hindu has I don't know how many representations of Brahman. Given this, how do you understand the nature of monotheism?”


Community Updates: Friday, May 13

Submitted 05-13-2022 under NEWS

Grand Rapids City Commission meeting interrupted by protestors; Grand Rapids City Planning Commission hears development applications; and more