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Artists showcase work in local downtown resale shop

Submitted 10-25-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

One Girl's Treasure hosts local artists and connects with the Grand Rapids community


Grand Rapidian's Kickstarter project has reach beyond the city limits

Submitted 10-10-2011 under NEWS

History enthusiast Fred Quillin plans to foster a sense of pride and ownership in GR by making iconic imagery and local history fashionable.


Occupy Grand Rapids in context

Submitted 10-08-2011 under OPINION

Born from frustration with corporate greed and control over politics and the excessively increasing disparity between the wealth of 99% of the populace and the 1% elite, this is for protests in Grand Rapids in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St. protests and banking protests across the world.


Local manufacturing workers react to Austin Bunn's "RUST"

Submitted 10-04-2011 under OPINION

Video interviews with Gary Albrecht formerly of Rowe International, Marty Green of GM and Al Berry of Michigan Works! following the first performance of "RUST" by Austin Bunn.


RUST: A sympathetic portrait of post-industrial Michigan

Submitted 10-02-2011 under OPINION

Actors' Theatre presents the premiere of local playwright Austin Bunn's RUST, a play chronicling the impact of General Motor's closing of the Wyoming, Michigan stamping plant in 2008.


Catalyst Radio: Local First gearing up for its inaugural Fork Fest to celebrate local food

Submitted 09-30-2011 under NONPROFITS

Elissa Hillary of Local First details the Fork Fest fundraiser for the organization that brings together vendors and farmers at Romence Gardens in celebration of local food.


Grand Rapidians asked to pressure Senator Stabenow to support fair farm rules

Submitted 09-27-2011 under NEWS

Food & Water Watch met Tuesday to encourage activists to call in to Senator Stabenow and ask her to support the Fair Farm Bill campaign.


Pulitzer prize winner details discrimination against women

Submitted 09-27-2011 under NEWS

Nicholas Kristof, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke at the Diversity Lecture Series at Fountain Street Church, spoke about equitable rights for women as a worldwide issue, not just a women's issue.


Former manufacturing employees shake off the "RUST"

Submitted 09-26-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Years after assembly plants close, the question of "so now what?" still lingers in Michigan. Stories of those affected are turned into a play by Austin Bunn, "RUST."


Local baker inspired to make "organic" a cornerstone of her business

Submitted 09-15-2011 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Erika Jane Hanson of Oven Mitt Bakery talks about how she got started creating treats for Rowster coffee shop and what she envisions for the future of her business.