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Changing the world through design

Submitted 03-27-2012 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Seth Starner explains how storytelling, visualization, and a walk through the art museum are central to business innovations.


The Spoke Folks: Cooperative biking community

Submitted 03-22-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Jay Niewiek looks to further The Spoke Folks, a cooperative biking community with the intentions of engaging and supporting the biking community and making biking affordable and available for all people in Grand Rapids.


Cuts to library, public goods hit home

Submitted 03-12-2012 under OPINION

The Grand Rapids Public Library is one of many local institutions receiving less public funding. Cuts to public goods have seemingly become an accepted inevitability.


Mayor Heartwell to host live call-in show Monday night at 5pm

Submitted 03-05-2012 under NEWS

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? The first Monday of every month is your opportunity to interact with Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official.


Urban market comes to Heartside

Submitted 02-08-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

After two years, plans for a year-round urban market are finally becoming a reality.


Catalyst Radio: PaleoRadio seeks critical conversation without being divisive

Submitted 02-03-2012 under NEWS

WPRR's PaleoRadio is using new media to take its reach beyond Grand Rapids, across the country and to other continents


Grand Rapids parking goes electric

Submitted 01-31-2012 under NEWS

Electric charging stations come to multiple Grand Rapids locations.


Edmond: Transforming walls to bridges

Submitted 01-25-2012 under NEWS

Haitian businessman Ralph Edmond shares ideas on how to help his country.


Catalyst Radio: Internet legislation protested with web blackouts

Submitted 01-20-2012 under NEWS

Community Media Center took a lead locally in a national coordinated blackout of websites Wednesday. The action was to bring awareness to bills currently in Congress. Learn about the bills and why so many participated.


January Series starts 25th year at Calvin College

Submitted 01-03-2012 under NEWS

Once again, Calvin College provides -free to the public- daily speakers for the month of January with a variety of topics and presentations.