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Beat Reporting comes to The Rapidian

Submitted 08-31-2011 under OPINION

Learn what beat reporting is all about, get involved with the Food Culture Beat Reporters, start your own beat based on your interests and passions!


Growing into Grand Rapids

Submitted 08-25-2011 under VOICES

A personal essay about growing up in Grand Rapids and learning to love it.


Your input really matters!

Submitted 08-18-2011 under OPINION

We need YOU to take a Rapidian audience survey.


Where do you live?

Submitted 08-09-2011 under OPINION

The Rapidian wants to know: how do you define your geographies?


Taste of Grand Rapids 2011: Ready for More

Submitted 07-27-2011 under OPINION

Eastown neighbor Samantha Dine shares her experience at Taste of Grand Rapids 2011.


Overcoming ignorance: the counter-protest against hate speech in Grand Rapids

Submitted 07-13-2011 under OPINION

Westboro Baptist Church has announced their intent to be present for the funeral of former First Lady Betty Ford at Grace Episcopal Church on Thursday, July 14th 2011. The Westboro Baptist Church is k


Bull's Head offers bargain burgers, crushing crowds

Submitted 04-26-2011 under OPINION

A review of the dining/bar experience at the Bull's Head Tavern in downtown Grand Rapids.


[REVIEW] (a)wake: Local women artists' exhibition for Women's History Month

Submitted 03-28-2011 under OPINION

A review of the 11 woman show "(a)wake," a strong collection of site-specific work for one weekend only during Women's History Month.


Making Sense of Cangue League's "Flowers"

Submitted 03-11-2011 under OPINION

One citizen's encounter with non-traditional performance art and her struggle towards comprehension.


Introducing essays to The Rapidian content

Submitted 03-01-2011 under OPINION