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Children gone via judicial signatures

Families are losing children without good cause.

Government Stolen Children

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country." 

-Vladimir Lenin


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/courtesy of National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect

Ink from the mighty judicial pen allows the legal trafficking and kidnapping of children across our nation. So what is taking place with the mighty judicial pen in Kent County, Grand Rapids, Michigan? What happens when children are removed from their family in our courtrooms? Most citizens believe that the Child Protective Service system is taking care of these children. However, the chart to the right (click to enlarge) shows national figures that should give citizens cause to wonder in whose care the children are safer. Michigan and Kent County are included in these figures.

In June, 2013, the Michigan State Court Administrative Office recommended another judge be added to the Kent County 17th Circuit Court. 

Presently, there are 13 Circuit Court judges, seven of whom are in the Family Division. They are Judge Patricia D. Gardner, Judge Kathleen A. Feeney, Judge Daniel V. Zemaitis, Judge Mark A. Trusock, Judge George J. Quist, Judge G. Patrick Hillary, and Judge Paul J. Denenfeld.

It was not stated whether the addition of another judge will be for the Family Division or for the Civil/Criminal Division. The Kent County Chief Judge of Circuit Court will decide the duties of the additional judge. However, if the judge is assigned to the Family Division, this would mean that child abuse is rising in Kent County, or could it mean something else?

Why are our judges using their pens to sign orders that remove children from families? Across the nation, parental rights terminations bring the states federal funding for each child removed. CPS has become a business supporting over 25 various professions dealing with removing children from biological families. These professions include judges, court personnel, caseworkers, social workers, doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, police, lawyers, guardian ad litems, CASA workers, adoption specialists and many more. All are being supported through the federal funding.The funding continues until the child is 18 and sometimes 21.

Information on CPS/Family Court issues may be found in the following articles:

Some of the issues involved with CPS child removals are Social Security Title IVE funding, Central Registry, Michigan Children's Ombudsman, Michigan Children's Institute, contracted agencies of CPS, foster care, adoption and more.These issues will be addressed in future articles.

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