homelessness in grand rapids

From Fear to Gratitude, Michael Shares His Recovery Journey

by (Guiding Light)

Submitted 09-21-2021 under NONPROFITS

Like some young adults, Michael went to college after graduating from high school more because his parents pushed him. Without any real interest, his grades plummeted, and he dropped out. But for the now 46-year-old, that was just the start of...

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Formerly homeless, Heartside resident uses voice to give back

by (Degage Ministries)

Submitted 02-06-2018 under NONPROFITS

Five years ago, Thomas found himself homeless when he and his sister were evicted after their mother's death. With nowhere else to go, Thomas went to an area shelter where he was told about Dégagé and the services we offer. Not one to let a...

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"Jesus led me to Dégagé this summer after suddenly finding myself homeless"

by (Degage Ministries)

Submitted 11-22-2017 under NONPROFITS

Hello, my name is James. You might have seen me around Dégagé doing chores. Jesus led me to Dégagé this summer after suddenly finding myself homeless. Between the Dégagé vouchers and the grace of God, I have had a summer without need. I can do my...

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Is ArtPrize hurting our homeless population?

by (courtneymburrows)

Submitted 10-05-2017 under OPINION

As ArtPrize 9 is underway the streets of Grand Rapids flood with thousands of art-lovers pushed into every over-pass, under-pass, crevice and walkway in hopes of viewing art that will inspire and entertain. To the average Grand Rapidian or tourist...

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Quotes from children every adult should hear

by (Jeffrey Clayton King)

Submitted 01-03-2017 under NONPROFITS

“When I grow up I’m going to always have a car, that way I will always have a place to live.” Tori, age 7. “Can I live at the shelter with you forever, this is the best place I’ve ever been.” Brody, age 10....

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3:11 Youth Housing helps youth experiencing homelessness through housing first, positive youth development

by (GRTV)

Submitted 09-21-2016 under NONPROFITS

In this week’s segment of GRTV’s NPO Showcase, 3:11 Youth Housing’s Kayla Morgan and Lauren VanKeulen discuss their work to develop safe, affordable housing for youth experiencing homelessness, the impact of homelessness on...

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Can Grand Rapids end homelessness?

by (Marjorie Steele)

Submitted 08-31-2016 under PLACE-MATTERS

Can Grand Rapids end homelessness? Grand Rapids, we need to have an honest conversation about homelessness. All of us. I could cite the fact that nearly 10,000 individuals in Kent County touched the homelessness system last year, 39 percent of which...

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