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Diversity and Inclusion lecture series to start Wednesday

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TEAM is launching its Diversity and Inclusion Lecture Series, starting Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 2 p.m. at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation.
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The Tolerance, Equality, and Awareness Movement (TEAM), a 501(c)(3) human rights organization in West Michigan, is launching its Diversity and Inclusion Lecture Series, part of its broader TEAM Diversity and Inclusion Program.  

The Diversity and Inclusion Lecture Series starts November 16, 2011. The first lecture, "The Cornerstone Story," is on November 16, 2011 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. This event is completely FREE to the public, and is hosted by TEAM at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation venue. The event is a lecture and discussion around Cornerstone University's anti-LGBT history and policies, and how these policies compare to other educational institutions. TEAM will provide information about pro-LGBT educational opportunities to the community. We hope to have you come out for this event. For More Info:  CLICK HERE for the Facebook Event Invite!

Some History on TEAM...

TEAM started in 2009, became incorporated in 2010, and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2011, through grassroots work on LGBT rights, racial equity, human trafficking, and a variety of related human rights topics. Initially, TEAM became primarily known in the LGBT community, as its Founder/President Chris Surfus and other TEAM Board of Directors members are LGBT people.

TEAM had a successful discussion panel series in 2010. TEAM has advocated for expanded anti-bullying protections for students at several school districts' Board of Education meetings. TEAM is probably most widely known for organizing the July 2011 Candlelight Vigil at Ah-Nab-Awen Park in Grand Rapids, MI in response to the mass murders of Rodrick Dantzler. TEAM coordinated disaster relief services with the help of the American Red Cross, and reached out to the Grand Rapids Police Department, the Grand Rapids Fire Department, and other public safety services. The following week, TEAM organized a "human peace chain" counter-protest against the Westboro Baptist Church's planned picketing of the Betty Ford funeral at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids. TEAM decided to give the community a positive message and hope to counteract the WBC's negativity. TEAM's human peace chain was praised by several members of the community and media.

As TEAM grew, the TEAM Board of Directors began work on a broader, human rights strategy. The result: The TEAM Diversity and Inclusion Program, a program that creates collaboration on Racial Equity and LGBT Equality through a major investment in the community's future. TEAM plans to bridge opportunities for youth, provide internships, and grant or scholarship help for students amidst a challenging economic environment. TEAM believes that by investing in education and creating these opportunities, we will all see a brighter, more-inclusive future tomorrow through an economic reinvention. TEAM is in the grantwriting process as it seeks to fund this ambitious program. To find out more as this program develops, please go to their website.  Updates on the program will be coming in early 2012. 

Thank You for reading!  Please get involved with our group's work.

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