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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is stealing signs in baseball unethical?

Submitted 10-16-2017 under OPINION

A baseball ethics question: Is it morally wrong for a team to steal the other team's signs?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should congregations welcome sexual offenders?

Submitted 10-09-2017 under OPINION

How would your congregation receive sex-offenders as participants in worship and other activities?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do after a miscarriage? (Part 2)

Submitted 10-02-2017 under OPINION

Last week, I printed three responses to the question on miscarriage. This week, I have two more responses to this tragic, but all too common, situation.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do after a miscarriage? (Part 1)

Submitted 09-25-2017 under OPINION

Two days ago, my wife, who was 17 weeks pregnant, learned through a routine exam that our unborn baby had died. We also learned that she still needs to endure the process of labor and delivery.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does religious freedom mean exemption from the law?

Submitted 09-18-2017 under OPINION

Proponents of "religious freedom" say that they should not be required to comply with laws that compel them to violate their religion (i.e., Obamacare requiring payment for birth control) divorce, contraception, abortion, marriage


Ethics and Religion Talk: Senior relationships

Submitted 09-11-2017 under OPINION

I am a women who just turned 60. I have a male friend who will be 50 very soon. We have been friends for 15 years. It has been a bittersweet relationship. But we have learned a lot of lessons through our mistakes, and I thank God that we have always found our way back to each other.


Ethics and Religion Talk: The Charlie Gard Case

Submitted 09-05-2017 under OPINION

Question: I would like to see the Ethics and Religion Talk panel analyze the case of Charlie Gard, the child born with a terminal rare genetic condition (mitochondrial depletion syndrome).


Ethics and Religion Talk: Forbidden Fruit

Submitted 08-28-2017 under OPINION

Rather than responding to a reader question, this week’s Ethics and Religion Talk column begins with an essay on “Forbidden Fruit” by the Rev. Sandra Nikkel, head pastor of Conklin Reformed Church. The essay comes from a book she is writing.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Should religious institutions be 'Safe Refuge?'

Submitted 08-21-2017 under OPINION

Should a religious building be considered safe refuge for undocumented foreigners, criminals, or family members seeking shelter from abusers?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is torture in defense of civilians ethical?

Submitted 08-14-2017 under OPINION

RS asks, Is the torture of enemies defensible in the defense of civilians; and should it be decriminalized in view of hindsight if the nation-state deems it moral?