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Skating and creating at the GRAM

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The GAAH Press Club attends "Skate and Create" and interviews one of the program's planners.
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Gilberto playing in the photo booth.

Gilberto playing in the photo booth. /GAAH Press Club

Ice Skating on Rosa Parks Circle.

Ice Skating on Rosa Parks Circle. /GAAH Press Club

Interviewing Katie Williams

Interviewing Katie Williams /GAAH Press Club

[Music in the video is Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Tchaikovsky]

The GAAH Press Club visited "Skate and Create," where we ice skated in Rosa Parks Circle, made kites, drew shadows, and interviewed Katie Williams, the GRAM's Interim Studio Programs Coordinator. The Press Club came up with their own interview questions, and then wrote reviews of their experience, found below. For this assignment, the students were focusing on using "transition" words to help organize their articles.


On January 21, 2012, the Press Club and I went to an activity called Skate and Create hosted by the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum).
When we first arrived, we had to wait in line to rent skates. Once we put on our skates we tried to skate and it was an epic fail. However, that was not the only activity, they also had snowboarding.
After we froze to death we stopped inside to do the crafting activity. We did drawing and pictures. We also talked to Katie Williams who is one of the chaperons.
Finally, my thoughts are it was fun.


On January 21, 2012, the GAAH Press Club went to the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Rosa Parks Circle to have fun. To start with, we were skating in the Rosa Parks Circle. It was crowded with people. There were walkers, sleds, and hockey pucks on the ground. One time I fell down! It was so embarrassing!
After that we went to the Art Museum. We created pictures! When we were done, the other people asked Katie Williams questions. Finally, we all left. It was so fun!


On January 21, 2012, the Press Club went to Skate and Create. We talked to Katie Williams at the GRAM, and we went to Rosa Parks Circle to skate.
We went to get skates. Next, when we went walking to where we need to skate, the ice skates were wobbly. First, I got to the sides of the ice ring, but I got used to ice skating and it was fun.
Next we went to the GRAM. When I got there I asked Ms. Lori if I can get hot chocolate and she said “yes.” I got my hot chocolate and I decided to draw on the chalkboard. It was fun.
The things I liked best are when I went ice skating, got hot chocolate, drew on the chalkboard, and using the photobooth. The thing I didn’t like was the synchronized ice skating.


I met Katie Williams at the GRAM, and went skating at the Rosa Parks Circle.  First, I went to go rent some skates (I did not feel comfortable). Then we went walking to the skating rink. When I first took a step I started falling galore of times. I got some things to support me (walkers), but then I went slower. I felt like if I was the worst skater because a little girl knew how to skate (better than I did). We also saw sledders that were all handicapped, but knew how to sled on the ice.
After that we got our normal shoes (it felt so normal and relaxed). We went in the GRAM and we went down and got some hot cocoa (it was so warm). We went to go draw a blanket that was shaded. I did not try my best but I liked my drawing.
Next is when I met Katie Williams. We interviewed her, and she said the program has been there since 2008. I asked her what was her main reason for making the program. She said she had access to Rosa Parks Circle and combined ice skating with her art program.


On January 21, 2012, we went ice skating, and it was really fun. We went to Skate and Create.
While we were skating a lot, my feet started to hurt because my feet were wobbly. Meanwhile the Griffins mascot named Crash The River Rascal came, but there wasn’t the Swimming Pig.
We went to the GRAM and it was really fun. They gave us hot cocoa. We had to study and draw the shadow of a box under a sheet, and we interviewed this lady called Katie Williams.
Ice skating was really fun. I fell a lot of times, but it was awesome. I was sad when it finished. While we were at the Skate and Create, I asked how long the program was going, and she told me that it started in 2008!


On January 21, 2012, we went to Skate and Create. It was so fun that it felt like we were on vacations. First, we got in the skate rental building and got skates. Then we got onto the skate rink and we started slipping a lot. While the sledders were sledding, we were standing and holding the pole.
Next we created a kite. I did a kitty kite. After I was done we zoomed in the GRAM. We had hot cocoa and drew a blanket! I thought it would be so hard but it was easy because we used oil pastels. Once I thought about it I didn’t want to go ice skating, but then I did like it!


We went to Skate and Create, which is skating at Rosa Parks Circle, and we created pictures and made a kite by the skating rink.  
Now let’s get to the chase. We got our skates on but the first pair didn’t fit me. Next we tried on three more pairs, and when I got on the ice I almost fell. But then I found a walker. Next Shirley asked me “How do you do this?” and I said “It is easy.” I fell down a thousand times.
Next we went to the museum and we created pictures on the computer of different people in the front of rides and towers.

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