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Get your Grandwich (Part I): Narrowing down 10 contenders

Submitted 07-26-2011 under OPINION

Chris Freeman tries out 10 Grandwich competitors in this first installment and breaks it down for sandwich lovers.


A Tribute to Cat Stevens: Seth Bernard and Friends sing out

Submitted 05-12-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Review of May 7 "Tribute to Cat Stevens" Concert @ Wealthy Theater


Super - UICA FIlms review

Submitted 05-05-2011 under OPINION

SUPER fails to leap tall buildings in a single bound, rather, it requires training wheels and more Ellen Page.


Bull's Head offers bargain burgers, crushing crowds

Submitted 04-26-2011 under OPINION

A review of the dining/bar experience at the Bull's Head Tavern in downtown Grand Rapids.


A Cheetah on Wealthy Street

Submitted 04-11-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

A review of The Electric Cheetah restaurant on Wealthy by Diamond. The Electric Cheetah uses many local products to encourage growth within Grand Rapids and offers a creative adaptive menu.


Friday Burger Blogging: O'Tooles Edition

Submitted 04-01-2011 under OPINION


"Grease" is the word!

Submitted 03-30-2011 under NONPROFITS

A group of GAAH Press Club members were given the opportunity to attend "Grease" on Broadway, at DeVos Performance Hall. Find their reviews of the show are below.


[REVIEW] (a)wake: Local women artists' exhibition for Women's History Month

Submitted 03-28-2011 under OPINION

A review of the 11 woman show "(a)wake," a strong collection of site-specific work for one weekend only during Women's History Month.


Review: Lady Gaga at Van Andel Arena

Submitted 03-27-2011 under OPINION

With the help of a sold-out Van Andel Arena, Lady Gaga took fans on an empowered journey to find fame and little-monster comradery.


Making Sense of Cangue League's "Flowers"

Submitted 03-11-2011 under OPINION

One citizen's encounter with non-traditional performance art and her struggle towards comprehension.