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Press Club Interview with Miss Steffanie Rosalez

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The Press Club meets with GAAH Program Director, Miss Steffanie.


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Additional work by Steffanie Rosalez

 "Alumni" by Steffanie Rosalez

"Jolly Rancher" by Steffanie Rosalez

"Pine Cone" by Steffanie Rosalez

Avelycia O, Millie M., and Maura interview Miss Steffanie Rosalez

Avelycia O, Millie M., and Maura interview Miss Steffanie Rosalez /GAAH Press Club

"Trident" by Steffanie Rosalez

"Trident" by Steffanie Rosalez /Steffanie Rosalez

"Leaf" by Steffanie Rosalez

"Leaf" by Steffanie Rosalez /Steffanie Rosalez

Written by Avelycia O., Millie M., Maura, Gilberto, Tyesha T., Tyresha T.,  Leydi, and Mary M. 


These are the facts: Miss Steffanie loves cheese and enjoys being around kids.  When you read this story, you might want to meet her in person.  

“Miss Steffanie is a cool person to be around,”  said Tyesha T.





Miss Steffanie used to be staff at the RRR program, an afterschool program where kids can do homework, play games, go on field trips, and get away from their parents.  Now she is Program Director at the Cook Arts Center, where she runs all of the programming.  Miss Steffanie is a person that helps all kinds of kids to kill time (in a good way).


The following is a transcript of the video interview:


PC: How old are you, Miss Steffanie?

SR: I’m 27 years old.

PC: What is your job?

SR:  I am the Program Director here at The Cook Arts Center. I run all of the programming, and all of the things that happen here.

PC: What do you think about your job, Miss Steffanie?

SR:  I love it!

PC: Is this the first job you’ve ever had? Or have you had another one?

SR:  This is definitely not the first job I have ever had. Before this job, I was the manager of the LOOP program at Cesar Chavez Elementary School, and before that job I was a substitute teacher.

PC: Do you really love kids?

SR: No, they stink! And they talk alot...Ha. Of course I do. I love kids. I don’t have any of my own so I love all the other ones even more, including you guys.

PC: What would happen if one came to your house, beat you up, and then stole your TV? Would you still love them?

SR: That would never happen. I’d like to see a kid try and beat me up.

PC: Where are you from?

SR: I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. On the island of Oahu.  Then I moved to North Carolina, and then I moved to Michigan.

PC: Woah. What is your actual dream job? If you could have any job in the whole wide world, which one would you pick?

SR:  Well, the job I have now is pretty awesome. I really love this job. But I think if I could do anything, I’d be the artist that designs the Google words. What is that called? The person who, you know when you go to the Google website? And there’s a different thing depending on the day, if it’s a holiday?  And there’s one person who gets to design those and all they do is make cool drawings for the word “Google.” I think that’s my dream job. Just sit around and draw the word “Google” all day in a bunch of different ways. And I’d probably get paid a lot.

PC: You know you could make your own website, and call it “Steffanie Rosalez” and do it like that, and make a search engine.

SR: That’s a really good idea. I could make my own search engine and design my own. I wouldn’t get paid as much I’m sure.

PC: What is your favorite food?

SR: My favorite food? Oh man. I’m gonna have to say cheese. I love it! It’s so good! Just think about sandwiches, and pizza, and all the great things just wouldn’t be the same without cheese.

PC: Um. I’m sorry, but I disagree because I hate cheese.

SR: Well, I love cheese. Either that or ice cream. Cheese or ice cream.

PC: What is your favorite activity to do?

SR:  There are so many. Well, I really love playing music in my band and painting. I think those are tied for my top favorite activities.

PC: If you were in London for a concert, but the concert got cancelled and the airports were all down and you couldn’t get home, what would you do? And you have no money, so you couldn’t go to a hotel.

SR: In London....This is a really good question!  You know, I think I would try to find a bike, and bike around and explore London. Because that’s a really cool city, there’s probably a lot of really cool stuff going on. And I’ve never been there, so I would explore.

PC: So you would steal a bike??

SR: I wouldn’t steal it!

PC: The how could you find it if you didn’t have no money....

SR: I would talk to the locals. I mean, they  speak English in London, so I would just ask people if I could borrow a bike, or maybe I would just walk around.

PC: What do you want to do most of all before you die?

SR: Well, all of the things I want to do before I die I’m already doing now.  I hope I don’t die anytime soon...But I think the thing I’d like to do that I haven’t done is go to an Asian country, like Japan or China. I’ve already been to India, but... what? You don’t want to see foreign countries?

PC: I want to go to New York and explore, but...

SR: Well, I already lived in New York, so I’ve already done that.

PC: You took my dream! Ok, what if you were on a stranded island, and a dog on a surfborad came after you to bite you?

SR: Well, if I was on a deserted island, there’s a lot of problems already, before the dog.  Depending on how big it was...

PC: As big as this whole school.

SR: At first I’d probably want to run and hide, but I’m sure it would be much faster than me. So I’d probably have to either wrestle it and kill it, or befriend it.

PC: You wanna kill a cute little dog???

SR: Well if it’s chasing me, and is gonna hurt me! You didn’t say it was a cute little dog, you said it was as big as this building! Get your question straight!

PC: Ok. What kind of paintings do you paint? Do you paint circles, or people?

SR: Well, a lot of the things I paint are objects, so a lot of the things you would recognize, like what I’m painting right now is the insides of an electronic circuit board. So, if you had something electronic, like a computer and took it apart, I’m painting all the parts on the inside. It’s a....

PC: A very unusual way of painting.

SR: (laughs) It is an unusual way of painting, but sometimes there are some things you would recognize, like I did a painting of some nature and some trash, candy wrappers and stuff like that.. And I have painted pictures of people, portraits.

PC: Can you bring one soon?

SR: Can I bring one of my paintings?

PC: Or two, or 500?

SR:  Well, I don’t have 500, but I can bring in some paintings, sure.


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