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How could ArtPrize be most improved upon?

Smaller exhibition area
12% (25 votes)
More time to view and vote on art
56% (117 votes)
More juried awards, less public interaction
12% (26 votes)
Less juried awards, more public interaction
5% (10 votes)
Other (please comment)
9% (18 votes)
It's fine as is
6% (13 votes)
Total votes: 209

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Electronic registration/activation...

I didn't actually vote during the first week of ArtPrize because it was never convenient to activate my registration/voting rights. I think next year there should be some automated way of doing this, such as:

-An ArtPrize app for iPhone and Android, which would tie in to GPS (a la FourSquare) to verify that the would-be voter was within the ArtPrize boundaries, and allow them to register/activate without standing in line at one of the venues

-Create some kind of standalone registration/activation kiosks that were NOT inside venues. Last night I skipped activating my voting ability because there was one line at GRAM for everyone (whether you were there to just register, or if you were there to see the exhibits therein).

-Some kind of crazy CCTV face recognition sh*t. (Okay, maybe not that one)

I'm all for what ArtPrize is doing for the community, and no matter what I'm in support of the positive force it's become. But for more people to be engaged in the actual voting process seems like a natural goal, and removing the hassle of in-person clipboard-based activation would be a good step.