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Catalyst Radio: Grand Rapids Housing Commission whittles down Section 8 waiting list from 8,000 to a few hundred

Submitted 11-12-2010 under NONPROFITS

Holly Sturges of the Grand Rapids Housing Commission joins us on air to share details about Section 8 housing. Section 8 housing is a federal subsidy program to low-income individuals and families.


Catalyst Radio: Dog Story Theater hosts more than 200 performances over three years

Submitted 11-05-2010 under NONPROFITS

Joe Anderson, board member for Dog Story Theater, joins us on air. The nonprofit venue is an all-volunteer organization that has hosted more than 200 productions over three years.


Just the facts: clarifying our content

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Moral Ground 2010: A Responsibility to Fido and Fluffy

Submitted 10-23-2010 under LOCAL LIFE


Moral Ground 2010: The 20th century as a defining moment

Submitted 10-22-2010 under LOCAL LIFE


Get Real, Citizen Journalists

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What #ArtPrize2010 has taught us

Submitted 10-12-2010 under OPINION

It's been a busy few weeks for Grand Rapids and that means it's been busy at The Rapidian, too. ArtPrize season brought us a lot of content from both new and existing reporters, a multitude of arts-en