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Calvin College's January Series, weekdays January 4-24, presents free lectures from various presenters in varied topics.

Those wishing to cover the daily events can post their requests below in the comments section for this Storybank pitch. Commitments to cover individual days are taken on a first-come first-served basis. We will update the list below as often as possible.

With sufficient advance notice, Rapidian staff and January series staff will be working together to request an interview for our Rapidian reporters-interviews will be conducted as the speaker is available: in person, on the phone, or via email. 

The speaker series is as follows:

January 4th:
Sherry Turkle
Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

January 5th: TAKEN
John Varineau
"The Uses, Misuses and Abuses of Music"
in partnership with the Grand Rapids Symphony

January 9th: TAKEN
Eric Metaxas
"Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy"

January 10th : TAKEN
Pedro Noguera
"A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education"

January 11th: TAKEN
Gabe Lyons
"The Next Christians: How a New Generation is Restoring the Faith"

January 12th: TAKEN
Michael Gerson
"Religion and Politics in a New Era"

January 13th: TAKEN
Jennifer Pharr Davis
Adventures of the Appalachian Trail

January 16th: TAKEN
Adam Taylor
"Mobilizing Hope: Faith Inspired Activism for a Post-Civil Rights Generation"

January 17th: TAKEN
Joel Salatin
"Dancing with Dinner"

January 18th: TAKEN
David Gergen
"The 2012 Elections: Issues and Answers"

January 19th: TAKEN
Reza Aslan
"The Future of the New Middle East"

January 20th: TAKEN
Ralph Edmond
“Real Solutions for Haiti's Future"

January 23rd: TAKEN
Deborah Lew
“Stories and Songs from Broadway

January 24th: TAKEN
N.T. (Tom) Wright
"How God Became King: Why We've All Misunderstood the Gospels"

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7 presentations still available

We currently have 7 out of the 15 presentations still in need of coverage. Including Joel Salatin, star of Food, Inc. and N.T. Wright! Get on it before it's gone...

Ralph Edmond on the 20th


I can report on Ralph Edmond on the 20th. Also, I'm planning on reporting on David Gergen too - I had emailed Nick Manes earlier. I wanted to make sure I was on the list and you didn't have two people covering him.

Heidi Stukkie

You got it, Heidi!

Thanks for posting here to let us know!

January Series

I will take the report for Deborah Lew: The Broadway Stage, on January 23rd.


Last one!

Thanks Cristina! Glad you made it in time to get the last one!