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How Workers Compensation Helps Employees

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

1:17 PM


Workers’ compensations laws were put in place to protect employees when they were injured on the job or became ill because of the job they do. Federal workers compensation works the same way except that it is provided to federal, non-military personnel. The benefits of workman’s comp include paying for medical bills, lost wages and also for dependents who have lost their source of income because of death caused by a work-related accident, illness. In the case of federal workers compensation, awards are limited to incidences that fall under the heading of “disability or death” which occurs during the performance of their duties. The coverage does not extend to situations where the employee caused the incident or was intoxicated at the time it happened.

Another difference in Federal Workers Compensation in comparison to private coverage is that it acknowledges that the individual may be required to undergo retraining for their job after they recover. During the time they are disable from their employment, they will be given two-thirds of the salary they normally receive. If permanent physical injuries occur or they have dependents, they may receive more. When the individual is killed, survivors are also provided for.

The Various Acts that Affect Federal Workers Compensation

There are a number of Acts or laws that specify the terms of workers compensation for certain types of federal employment. They include:

·       The Federal Liability Employment Liability Act – Covers employees of railroads engaged in interstate commerce in cases where they are deemed negligent

·       The Merchant Marine Act – Covers seamen under the same conditions as the FLEL covers railroad employees

·       The Black Lungs Benefits Act – Covers men who have acquired black lung, or pneumoconiosis.

·       The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act - Covers specified employees who work for private maritime employers.

·       California’s Workers’ Compensation Act – A comprehensive state compensation program which limits the liability of employers and their fellow employees.

The Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC) oversees new claims and benefits, including the payment of medical expenses and compensation to either the injured employee or their survivors. Payments are made through 12 district offices throughout the nation with their national headquarters being located in Washington D.C.

What to Expect when You File a Claim for Federal Workers Comp

If you have obtained a traumatic injury that meets the description according to the program, you will receive a decision on your request within 45 days of receiving the application unless it is unusually complex. Cases involving simple illnesses that result from working conditions will be determined within 90 days of receipt. In many cases, illnesses that result from workplace conditions require more time to look at evidence and determine the cause and whether the specifications have been met. These may take up to 6 months to determine. The most complex cases often take as much as 10 months to determine.

Federal workers compensation is a valuable resource for federal workers and their families. If you are injured or become ill due to your workplace, ask your supervisor what steps to take to get the financial help you need to recover. 

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