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Growth of Online Banking Industry – Future of Bank



It was the matter of past when we had to stand in a long queue for our banking activities. With the growth of internet whole world come closer through technology. Hence banking is also affected and now we can see lots of changes in the banking industry. The online banking industry is changing rapidly world widely with its latest technology. The digitisation and ease of banking activities in online banking attract peoples. That is why people want to go with online banking. Actually, online banking or internet banking is an electronic payment system that helps customers of a financial institution to perform financial transactions through the bank's website which is operated by that particular institution like a retail bank, credit union or building society, virtual bank etc. The online banking system provides all the core features of the banking to the users that help them to take care of their banking activities over the Internet. It reduces the long lines at bank windows.

Today’s generation has a very hectic schedule and they often regret about the lack of time. They lose their most of the time in the offices or in their work. So they did have time to go to the bank and stand in long ques for their banking need. This lifestyle changes people moods towards online banking. So, it is clear that their thinking and the lifestyle move them to prefer internet banking and it will affect the future of the banking industry. It shifts traditional banking to the digital banking in the form of internet banking and online mobile banking apps that help customers to handle their account easily even with their smartphones. There are still many people who do not know how to use internet banking facility. Such people should check On the basis of today’s approaches of the users towards online banking, we can presume the future of online banking industry. Hence, as per new innovation, the startup has been taken by some organisation to set up a digital bank without any base of the physical branch. Now, below we have entitled some key points that highlight the future of the internet banking or online banking.   

Growth of Banking Industry- Easy Payment, Transactions, Balance Enquiry, Balance Transfer, Chequebook Request, 

The digital-only bank come in effect before one decade at the first time and it was unique in its type at that time but now it is growing very rapidly word widely.  In last few years the digital only banks spreading his legs in US, Europe, India etc. The digital banks hold many key advantages over traditional banks like freedom from lazy handling facility, some types of restrictions on the banking behaviour etc. That’s way users feel happy as it fulfils individual customers' needs easily. Apart from this, some of the financial institutions are also helping these banks and all these things show the growing future of the online banking.

With internet banking or online banking, users can easily complete all the banking activities without visiting their bank branch. Customers can access their account with fully secured channels that make them tension free. They can check their account balance and print statement history any time with net banking. Customers can also apply for different types of payment card through online banking. They can transfer funds and can view direct debits and get an instant response for overdraft requests and other things.

So, on the basis of current situation and increasing popularity of internet banking we can say that the growth of online banking industry is growing very rapidly, world widely as it is completely secure and safe, easy to manage, hazel free services with flexibility to manage customers account by users at any time 24*7, 365 days a year.

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