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Grand Rapids’ oldest restaurant adopts vegan menu




Cherie Inn adds oil-free and gluten-free vegan options to accompany traditional breakfast and lunch menu


In the heart of East Hills, you will find the oldest restaurant in Grand Rapids keeping up with traditions and serving classic breakfast and lunch since 1924. However, even in its old age, the historic establishment is being kicked into high gear. Long-time owner, Michael Kulczyk is continuing his commitment to the surrounding neighborhood through a newly adopted oil-free, gluten-free vegan menu.


“Local, fresh, healthy food is timeless,” shares Kulczyk. “Adopting a vegan menu to accompany the traditional favorites allows us to take this historic restaurant into its second century in the healthiest state it has ever been.”


Using the wisdom of ninety-three years in business, Cherie Inn, nestled between Lake Drive and Cherry Street near the corner of Diamond Avenue is focused on leading the way towards a holistic approach towards healthy that is inclusive. Part of the holistic approach is welcoming everyone to the table. Along with the new vegan menu the restaurant will continue to offer traditional breakfast, brunch and lunch options in order for friends and families to join each other at whatever stage in their health journey. The traditional menu will also now offer more organic, local, fresh ingredients then it ever has before.


Kulczyk says that it is not just about the food. “This establishment has been part of generations of Grand Rapidians coming together and we are committed to growing with the future generations in a healthy way – one that involves food and education about healthy living.”


The new oil and gluten free vegan menu includes:


Avocado Benedict                                                A whole avocado on tomatilla salsa with herb tofu, healthy sprouts and jalapeno.


Sweet Potato Hash                                             Root vegetables, bell peppers, portobellos, spinach and honey roasted cashews.


Kiwi Twister Smoothie Bowl                             Non-dairy yogurt with strawberries and chia seeds topped with kiwi, pineapple, and hemp hearts.


Fresh GW Juice                                                     Fresh grapefruit and watermelon juice, high octane and high alkaline booster.


Wolverine Waffle                                                Golden waffle covered in cinnamon spice cream cheese and topped with a blueberry compote and candied walnuts. Go Blue!


Spartan Spuds                                                      Broccoli, spinach, green peppers on organic marble potatoes topped with boursin cheese. Go Green, Go White!


Avocado Kamau                                                   A blend of Caribe’ Spices with red quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, fresh avocado and alfredo.


Chunky Monkey Smoothie Bowl                      Non-dairy yogurt with chocolate and bananas topped with coconut, peanuts and more bananas.


“MOA” Mother of All Juices                              34 super foods in a shot.


Superfood Steel Cut Oats                                  Red Quinoa, goji berries, raw almonds and hemp hearts.



The whole menu will see an increase in local, organic, fresh options. Local vendors found on the menu at Cherie Inn include: Louise Earl Butcher, Van’s Pastries, Ramseys, Helden Farms and breads made by Sister Celeste from the Dominican Center.


Kulczyk has consulted and hired Executive Chef Alexander Schulte. Schulte has worked from New York to California and returns to his culinary roots at the Cherie Inn where he started as a dishwasher 17 years ago.



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