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Get Your Child/ren Back From CPS and Family Court

This dispatch was added by one of our Nonprofit Neighbors. It does not represent the editorial voice of The Rapidian or Community Media Center.

An article to inform parents and relatives of the abuse of Child Protective Service and Family Court in legally kidnapped children.

Children die 6 to 7 times more often in state care than parental care.

When the state removes a child from biological parents the child suffers emotionally even after one day.  This affects the child for the remainder of their life.  Many children die while in state care.  Foster Care is a business and many who take foster children do so for the funding that comes with them.  These foster caregivers many times are abusive to the children they have pledged to protect.

2 yr. old Alex Hill murdered at the hands of her foster caregiver.

2 yr. old Alex Hill murdered at the hands of her foster caregiver. /Houston Press

Every day right here in downtown Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan anyone can go into the courtrooms of the courthouse at 180 Ottawa Avenue and listen to children being removed from parental care. There are seven judges in the family courtrooms hearing cases on a daily basis. Children are being removed from parental care using frivolous reasons such as a messy house or a child's statement of something not liked. All in the name of obtaining federal funding for our city, county and state from Social Security Title IV. This funding benefits our government and local adoption agencies such as D.A. Blodgett, Bethany Christian Service, Holy Cross Children's Services, Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities.

The article titled “The Child Abuse Laws were written to help balance State and County Budgets” on the website will provide verification of the federal funding for the legal kidnapping of children. There are many other well written articles on this same site regarding Child Protective Service and family courts.

Are you one of the many parents/relatives who lost a child/ren via the statement in the “Best Interest Of The Child”? The term used within the system of Child Protective Service (CPS) and Family Court? Are you one of the many parents/relatives who do not understand what happened or how you lost your child/ren in Grand Rapids, Kent County and America?

You are not alone, tens of thousands of loving parents/relatives have gone before you and if something is not done, will continue to go after you. Child Protective Service is a business of bringing federal funds into each city, county and state to help support it, through the legal kidnapping of children. This must change. Perhaps a visit to the Kent County Commission meeting would be in order to question the commissioners about this funding. Possibly direct answers might be provided.

Now there is new hope to regain the child/ren you were wrongly accused of doing harm to here in Kent County. The National Liberty Alliance is filing a federal lawsuit against CPS. Following is information to get you started. There are three simple forms to fill out and there is no cost to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

This is your invitation to join a federal lawsuit against Child Protective Service

The organization called NATIONAL LIBERTY ALLIANCE (NLA) is now setting up Common Law Grand Juries in each county of the nation. In order to save America and take back our city, county and nation by the people.

NLA is also filing a federal lawsuit against CPS. The lawsuit will be filed shortly. If your Kent County family court case is in progress or it is over, does not matter. The lawsuit will be filed in almost every Federal District Court in the nation. The lawsuit is based on lack of Due Process within family cases and also has a demand to immediately return children to their families via Habeas Corpus.

The lawsuit also addresses the fact that there must be compensation to the children and their families. Not because money is important, but to help curtail the abuse of families by CPS and our family courts.

Click the CPS Mutual Lawsuit link on the welcome page of the NLA website at It will take you to the lawsuit page and a link to the lawsuit paperwork and instructions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the local Michigan Intake Receptionist listed on the lawsuit page or ask during any NLA conference call. Info for the conference calls is on the lawsuit page and below. The paperwork consists of an application, an affidavit and a power of attorney. The power of attorney deals only with the lawsuit in order to represent you in the court.

There is a wealth of information on the NLA website which teaches Common Law by learning the Constitution, Bill of Rights and more. It is there for you to educate yourself, if you desire.

People in Grand Rapids, Kent County and nationwide are filing their cases to bring their children home very soon!

Information regarding NLA conference calls is as follows:

Sundays (9 PM EST).....This call is for the CPS lawsuit only.

The number to call is: 712.775.7035 with pin number 378237#.

Mondays (9 PM EST).....This is the regular Common Law Grand Jury call. However, the CPS lawsuit is almost always mentioned during the conference call.

The number to call is: 605.562.3140 with pin number 385698#.





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