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The Rapidian's first fund drive!

You can be a part of supporting The Rapidian in its inaugural fund drive, and help us reach our goal of 250 donors by the end of Sunday, April 29. 

Want to know more about what we do?

Learn more about the fund drive, and what it means when we talk about words like hyperlocalonline news source and citizen journalism- and learn the importance of keeping this asset for our community around for years to come.

Your support for The Rapidian helps us keep everything going. A donation of:

  • $25 hosts a social for our Rapidian community to get to know each other and collaborate on future stories
  • $100 provides a new reporter training, introduces them to the world of citizen journalism and empowers them to create their own articles
  • $200 purchases a user-friendly video camera for use by any Rapidian reporter
  • $500 keeps The Rapidian's content edited, guided, and presented on our pages for a full week
  • $1000 makes it possible for a community of reporters to work together on coverage for a beat
  • $2500 provides a year of training, tools and support for a local bureau