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Our Community's Children director retires, looks back on public service

Submitted 01-14-2021 under LOCAL LIFE

Lynn Heemstra led Our Community’s Children since its inception in 1998. The office supports local young people through programs and community collaborations that better prepare them for college, work, and life.


The Salvation Army of Kent County Partners with iHeartMedia to Help Achieve Campaign Goal

Submitted 01-11-2021 under NONPROFITS

Help is still needed, as The Salvation Army in Kent County is nearing it's fund-raising goal, but is still 10% short of its goal of $1.3 million. This week, listen to iHeart radio stations in Grand Rapids and help The Salvation Army reach their goal.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is it a Contradiction to be both Pro-Life and Pro-Gun?

Submitted 01-11-2021 under OPINION

Arthur L. asks, “My neighbor has a pro life sign and a pro gun sign on their front lawn. This feels like a contradiction. Are these two beliefs in conflict?”


In Season Report: January 9, 2021

Submitted 01-08-2021 under NONPROFITS

Second Season has so much to offer, it would be a shame if you missed it! Come down this Saturday and see what your local vendors are bringing to the market!


Community updates: Friday, Jan. 8

Submitted 01-08-2021 under NEWS

Community leaders address storming of U.S. Capitol; Kent County Health Department asks for patience with COVID-19 vaccine rollout; ArtPrize returning in 2021; and more.


Passing the Mic: Neighbors of Belknap Lookout answers, "How are you making sure you're engaging with the full diversity of your neighborhood?"

Submitted 01-07-2021 under VOICES

Elianna Bootzin from Neighbors of Belknap Lookout responds to King Park Neighbors' Shelby Garbini.


To end the pandemic, we need to make trust contagious

Submitted 01-06-2021 under NONPROFITS

Developing safe and highly effective vaccines for COVID-19 was a monumental scientific achievement. Now comes the hard part: convincing enough people to be vaccinated to bring the pandemic to an end.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How Do You Prevent Clergy Burnout?

Submitted 01-04-2021 under OPINION

Sarah M. asks, “I keep reading about clergy burn-out. Have you ever experienced that? Does your religion or denomination take any preventative measures to guard against it?”


Guiding Light Welcomes Kyle Hinton to Board of Directors

Submitted 01-04-2021 under NONPROFITS

Guiding Light welcomes Kyle Hinton, a licensed marriage and family therapist, to its board of directors.


In Season Report: January 2, 2021

Submitted 01-01-2021 under NONPROFITS

Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate than to shop from the freshest local fare in town? Come on down tomorrow and see what Second Season Market 2021 has to offer!