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GRAM Education Center supports lifetime learning

Submitted 11-29-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

The Grand Rapids Art Museum education center offers many programs to engage audiences in the arts and encourage life-long learning.


Mary Free Bed and West Michigan Adaptive Diving hold diving clinic

Submitted 11-29-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Mary Free Bed innovation bring together rehabilitation and diving.


Calvin Students win award at Chicago Film Festival

Submitted 11-28-2012 under NEWS

This article discusses a Calvin student group that won an award at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival. It goes into detail about the making of the film and the process of getting it submitted.


GAAH Press Club meets Trace Adkins

Submitted 11-28-2012 under NONPROFITS

The GAAH Press Club had an interview with Trace Adkins. Here they write about their experience.


West Michigan Indie talks to Jake Down

Submitted 11-27-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

WMI drank some Mulligan's Stews with Jake Down.


West Michigan Indie Podcast hangs out with Alexis & Tokyo Morose

Submitted 11-20-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

WMI dranks some Cherry Berry Thrilla at Founders with Alexi & Tokyo Morose


Pyramid Scheme to support The Rapidian with second Night Out

Submitted 11-19-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Our second Night Out for The Rapidian will be hosted by Pyramid Scheme on December 3 from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Pyramid Scheme will be donating 20% of all purchases to help support our efforts here at The Rapidian!


Month of the Author: Schuler Books collaborates with Write Michigan contest

Submitted 11-13-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Write Michigan short story contest will publish its collection with the Chapbook Press at Schuler Books, which demonstrates its services on Saturday, November 17


West Michigan Indie Podcast talks to Ryan Miloch

Submitted 11-12-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

WMI got down to the bottom of things with Ryan Miloch of Sleepology.


Vertigo A-Go-Go to rock downtown

Submitted 11-08-2012 under OPINION

Come celebrate local bands and music at Vertigo's fall event Vertigo A-Go-Go!