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Dance dance rehearsal at Calvin

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The GAAH Press Club attended a Calvin College dance recital dress rehearsal. Here they write about the experience.

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Giselle Age 11

On Thursday November 15th, at 8:30 p.m. the GAAH Press Club went to a performance called "Skills Dance" at Calvin College Covenant Fine Arts Center. They were doing a dress rehearsal by Calvin College dancers. The GAAH Press Club got to see how they worked so hard to practice and get it right. They had to work on 28 different dances, get the steps right, and get it perfected. There was one dance that they really liked, it was the 15th dance with the JabberWockeeZ that danced on and off the stage. They wore tennis shoes and hoodies and no one can forget the white masks. Towards the end of the dance they did Gangnam Style and thook their masks off and started break dancing. 

Dominic, Age 9

On November 15th, 2012 Press Club members went to Calvin College to see a dress rehearsal. There were 28 dances in the performance. One of the dances they had white masks and they would breakdance. They had black jackets, but when they came on they cut out the lights and they played a remix of Pokemon the song. There was one other one where they breakdanced, it was cool. They played a song but I do not know what it was called. The performances went till the 17th.


On November 15th, 2012 press club went to Calvin College to see them dance. A woman was talking and we were listening. Then I looked up and there were lights. it was pretty! Then there were girls dancing ballet. I liked it, and there were five of them dancing. Cowgirls and boys were dancing, that was the last one. They did Pokemon, that's for babies. It ended at 10:06, I think that was cool.

Martin, Age 8

It was November 15th, 2012 when the Press Club watched the dress rehearsal of Calvin College dancers. It was at Calvin College. They were teaching us how to breakdance. They were teaching the girls how to dance ballet. It was a dress rehearsal of 28 dances. They were wearing masks of different people.

Eurasia, Age 11

On November 15th, 2012 the Press Club went to Calvin College, at the Covenant Fine Arts Center. The Press Club went in, [and] there were a lot of beautiful pictures. When the Press Club went to the stage to sit down there were a lot of lights on the ceiling. 

The dancers did all kinds of dances like breakdance, ballet, tap dancing, all different kinds. Some types of songs were: hip hop, soft songs, musical/play, and popular music. When the dancers were going to dance it would turn dark and colored lights would turn on.

One time there was a dance that some dancers had masks on for their performance. When they were finished they revealed themselves. The actual performances were November 16th and 17th.

Lanaesia, Age 9

On November 15th the Press Club went to Calvin College to see the Calvin College Dancers. They did all sorts of dances like breakdance, ballet, and tap dance. The girls came out and it was pitch dark. The background turned red and everybody was scared. Then the girls were dancing with tutus. The favorite part that everybody liked was when the song "Call Me Maybe" came on, and they were singing.

Jazmin, Age 11

The year of 2012 the Press Club went to Calvin College for their dress rehearsal. In total there where 28 dances. Some of the Calvin College students dance a dance about swimming. The guys wore swim trunks and the girls wore regular swim suits. Some other college students danced dubstep and dressed in red, black and white. The performances were November 16th and 17th.

Magaly Age 12

On November 15th, 2012 the Press Club members went to Calvin College to see a performance. We went to Calvin College and saw dancers everywhere. They invited us into the theater and we sat down. The dancers started out with a ballet dance. They were rehearsing for their sold out performance. 

The performance had a lot of different types of dances. The dancers were wearing different color outfits. Also I saw how they jumped around the stage. In my favorite dance they danced it with masks on. Another dance I enjoyed was when they were dancing tap.

The last dance was coming up and it was 9:54 and we were getting ready to leave when the dancers said that we were a great crowd. The dancers let us have a picture with them. I think the Press Club members had a good experience with the Calvin College performers.

Ailyn Age 11

Thursday November 15th, 2012 we arrived at Calvin College's Covenant Fine Arts Center we got out of the cars and went in. I was so excited to see the dancers. I saw people wearing colorful dresses and t-shirts and some people were wearing swimsuits. We were greeted, then we went to our seats, then it began. There were many kinds of dances. There was ballet, tap dancing, hip-hop, tango, breakdancing, and many other ones. My favorite was tap dancing. I never knew that tap dancers' shoes had metal at the bottom. Anyway those shoes went tap, tap, tap all over the place. Sometimes they would jump to the side and tap, then quickly continued. I like the end, it was my favorite part because a girl was standing on her hands, then she fell back. I thought she was going to fall but they caught her. I really enjoyed their dance rehearsal. I hope we go to Calvin College again for more fun shows and activities.

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