Community updates: Friday, Aug. 13

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Fiesta Mexicana returning to downtown Grand Rapids next month; City of Grand Rapids earns national award for residential recycling programs; and CDC classifies Kent County as "substantial" COVID-19 risk.


What's at the Market: Saturday, August 14, 2021

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It’s Peak Season here at FSFM and this years bounty is filling the Market stalls with beautiful colors, textures, and aromas. Come on down this Saturday and enjoy all that this season has to offer.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Has Religion Supported Racism?

Submitted 08-09-2021 under OPINION

How has religion been a negative force in the world, promoting racism?


Community updates: Friday, Aug. 6

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Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Payne to retire next year; Grand Rapids Public Schools, Kent ISD recommending face coverings for fall start of school.


What's at the Market: Saturday, August 7, 2021

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Happy National Farmers Market Week! Come out and celebrate with us this Saturday!


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do about Negative Nancys and Downer Daves?

Submitted 08-02-2021 under OPINION

“SN” asks, “I have a friend who often comes to our happy hour group but the minute this person comes the whole mood changes. He is very negative ... We try to love him but it's wearing on many of us. What is the ethical thing to do – confront him, put up with him, or tell him he's not welcome?”


The Salvation Army of Kent County teams up with Walmart to "Stuff the Bus"

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The Salvation Army and Walmart stores in Kent County join together for a 3-day event to encourage residents to give school supplies for local kids in need.


Passing the Mic: Sikh Society of West Michigan's Rishi Singh answers, "What does your faith do to address your members' suffering?"

Submitted 07-31-2021 under VOICES

Rishi Singh, Sikh practitioner, responds to Yong Su Mark Hepper, Buddhist practitioner.


What's at the Market: Saturday, July 31, 2021

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It is going to be a beautiful weekend folks, so get outside and enjoy the Market!