Ethics and Religion Talk: What Makes Music a Universal Language?

Submitted 05-23-2022 under OPINION

A student of one of our panelists, Fred Stella, asks: I’m curious as to why music seems to be universal in religious worship. To the best of my knowledge, there is no religion that does not utilize it in some fashion. I realize this might be speculation, but I’d welcome any thoughts on the subject.


God Put Guiding Light in my Path: Jeremy Marks Five Years of Sobriety

Submitted 05-23-2022 under NONPROFITS

“I remember showing up at Guiding Light, seeing the big cross and thinking ‘I’m in the wrong place,’” Jeremy says. “I’m a sinner. I’ve done a lot of bad things. I’ve hurt people through my actions. I thought I was beyond redemption. God put Guiding Light in my path at the right time."


The Return of Absurdism

Submitted 05-20-2022 under OPINION


Community Updates: Friday, May 20

Submitted 05-20-2022 under NEWS

The Kent County Prosecutor releases a statement updating the public on the status of the Patrick Lyoya case; Grand Rapids experiences a wave of violent crime; and more


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is Monotheism?

Submitted 05-16-2022 under OPINION

Jim V. asks, “Christianity has the trinity, Jewish mysticism has 10 emanations of the infinite God, Hindu has I don't know how many representations of Brahman. Given this, how do you understand the nature of monotheism?”


Community Updates: Friday, May 13

Submitted 05-13-2022 under NEWS

Grand Rapids City Commission meeting interrupted by protestors; Grand Rapids City Planning Commission hears development applications; and more


GRAM Presents An Extraordinary Legacy: The Miner S. and Mary Ann Keeler Collection

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Exhibition celebrates the legacy of Miner and Mary Ann Keeler through 65 works of modern and contemporary art


Living and Learning Than No Man is an Island

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Dennys is 27 years old and came through the doors of Guiding Light in November of 2021. “The advice I would give others facing addiction is to admit you can’t do it on your own, and to trust others who have gone through it."


"No More Stolen Sisters": A March to Remember Those Lost to Violence

Submitted 05-10-2022 under NEWS

On May 5, 2022, people took to the streets of Grand Rapids, Michigan to honor loved ones lost to violence and to raise awareness for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People crisis in the United States


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why Can't I Sell Parts of My Body?

Submitted 05-09-2022 under OPINION

It's not legal in the USA to sell most body parts. You can, however, sell hair, blood plasma, sperm, and eggs? It's my body. Why can't I sell parts of it if I want to?