Story Matters: Matt Lytle remembers Reptile House

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 07-17-2014 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. STORY MATTERS. is a story collecting project from The Rapidian and GRTV. The Rapidian's...

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In support of shareable cities: residents and local leaders Paul and Rachel Lee support homesharing

by (Rachel Lee)

Submitted 06-11-2014 under OPINION

Editor's note: Rachel and Paul Lee, siblings living and working in the Uptown area of Grand Rapids, both asked to be able to share their letters to our City Commissioners in a public manner on The Rapidian's platform. Rachel Lee, Director of...

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Neighborhood taqueria to join Wealthy Street

by (Holly)

Submitted 10-15-2013 under NEWS

Across the street from neighborhood restaurant and bar The Winchester, an old building is being rehabbed to hold Donkey: A Neighborhood Taquieria. Owner Paul Lee, also owner of The Winchester, has been operating What the Truck, a food truck...

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What the Truck supports local youth programs

by (Steff)

Submitted 09-07-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

“Tacos!” “Chinese food!” “Ice cream!” The lunch menu suggestions from students at the Cook Arts Center’s summer program were not surprising: when you ask kids what they want to eat responses like these are...

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