Bach Chorale of Grand Rapids in concert November 4

by (Bach Chorale Gr...)

Submitted 10-23-2018 under NONPROFITS

So, what exactly is the meaning of “Bach Chorale”? Well, originally it means a short piece of music, sung in four parts (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass). If you hear a hymn in church, sung in harmony, that’s pretty much what is...

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Grand Rapids Threshold Choir invites community to "Gift of Song"

by (Linda Jones)

Submitted 06-06-2017 under NONPROFITS

The Grand Rapids Threshold Choir exists to offer love and comfort through song to those crossing life's thresholds: birth, death, sickness, struggle, change and celebration. We will be offering a public time of singing on Sunday, June 25, 2017...

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NPO Showcase: West Michigan Gay Men's Chorus

by (GRTV)

Submitted 05-13-2014 under NONPROFITS

INTERVIEW The latest segment of NPO Showcase features the West Michigan Gay Men's Chorus, a nonprofit chorus organization composed of both gay and straight men and women that perform throughout West Michigan. The West Michigan Gay Men's...

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In Our Own Lives

by (vocalmusicworkshop)

Submitted 10-01-2012 under NONPROFITS

At the Vocal Music Workshop, we're all about changing people's lives through the power of music.  We wanted to take a minute to reflect on the power of music in our own lives.  The following are thoughts on how music has affected...

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Review: West Michigan Gay Men's Chorus

by (austinlb)

Submitted 05-17-2010 under OPINION

The East Grand Rapids High School theater is insanely luxurious. It might be one of the best performance stages in the area. And Saturday night, the 700-something capacity theatre was nearly full for the spring concert of the West Michigan Gay Men’...

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