Herman Miller

Women of Color: Leading the Way in the Workplace

by (grpl)

Submitted 06-08-2015 under

This interactive panel discussion will feature women of color from our community with a range of experiences and voices. Panelists will share stories and talk about what it means to be a woman of color in the workplace. How do you find and work with...

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Story Matters: Samuel Lewis takes in Grand Rapids architecture, design

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 09-24-2013 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. While at various ArtPrize venues throughout the event, The Rapidian's Story Matters...

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Youth Policy Summit on Great Lakes Water Resources held at Aquinas College

by (Allison Arnold)

Submitted 07-25-2012 under NEWS

This week, running July 22-28, the Keystone Center is hosting a Youth Policy Summit on Great Lakes Water Resources at Aquinas College. The program was offered to high school students from all over the country who are interested in learning the...

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