#Grand Rapids

Viewing the Grand Rapids Police Department as a volunteer

by (lemmon)

Submitted 11-13-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

A few years ago, I was listening to all the commentary on police departments and community relations around the country, and I decided to not just rely on journalists' accounts of the issues; I decided to get involved and find some answers to...

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Local ATU member arrested at Rapid Board Meeting

by (jproth1)

Submitted 08-31-2017 under NEWS

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Grand Rapids police arrested Louis DeShane, Rapid Bus Driver and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 836 Union Member for trespassing at the monthly board meeting held on Wednesday, August 30. An hour into the Rapid public board...

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Is it time to re-examine our driver's license policies?

by (Annie)

Submitted 06-08-2016 under OPINION

Should the state of Michigan re-examine policies in the licensing system and set new requirements for acquiring ones driver's license? I absolutely think yes. We should re-examine the current requirements for obtaining and keeping ones driver...

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Leadership for Life Day Camp

by (grrtl)

Submitted 07-29-2015 under

Grand Rapids Students for Life is sponsoring Leadership for Life, a one-day training camp for teens.  The event will take place in downtown Grand Rapids at Life International (72 Ransom Avenue NE). During this camp, participants will meet new...

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Amtrak Train Days

by (Sherri Sharp)

Submitted 05-20-2015 under

On Saturday, July 25th, the Amtrak Exhibit Train is pulling into the Grand Rapids Amtrak Station from 10am – 4pm.  Meet us at the station and come aboard for a free self-guided tour through Amtrak’s past, present and future. For the...

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Five Star Real Estate Recruitment Event

by (834design)

Submitted 01-28-2015 under

In 2014, you welcomed us to your neighborhood. This year we'd like to invite you to ours. Come, meet and greet the realtors at Five Star and learn more about getting into the real estate business. Let's shake hands and get to know each other...

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Monroe Center Architectural Walking Tour

by (Winslow DiPiazza)

Submitted 08-17-2014 under

Order $10. tickets via Eventbrite: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/monroe-center-architectural-walk-tickets-12561492763?aff=efbevent Depart out in front of the Grand Rapids Art Museum GoSite on Monroe Center. We will walk the length of Monroe...

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Overcrowded Rapid buses cause concern for rider

by (Gwendolyn Nathan)

Submitted 11-27-2012 under OPINION

I’m writing this article about an issue that is really becoming a big concern to me and other passengers that ride The Rapid. Since school started this fall, I’ve noticed there seems to be an increasing problem with getting passengers...

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Decriminalize GR brings 'Historic' ballot initiative to voters

by (stevendavison)

Submitted 10-09-2012 under NEWS

On November 6th Grand Rapids voters will have the chance to vote on a city charter amendment to make marijuana possession or use a civil infraction or the equivalent of a ticket with a fine of up to $100. The ballot initiative known as Proposal 2...

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