Capture your moments in progress for the new Picturesque gallery

by (Holly)

Submitted 09-05-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

So much of our life is in progress. We grow gardens, build houses and high rises, make breakfast and create all kinds of finished products, from artwork to backyard forts for our kids. We even take nine months to grow those kids.  Right now in...

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Eastown Streetfair now accepting applicant registration

by (erictank)

Submitted 09-03-2013 under NEWS

UPDATE:  All vendor spots for StreetFair 2013 are now full. Anyone still interested can contact Eastown Community Association to be added to the waiting list. For artists and nonprofits interested in participating in the annual...

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Thought Design takes new twist on tailgating

by (chelsiewyse)

Submitted 08-26-2013 under NEWS

Thought Design owner and Grand Rapidian, Denise VanEck, and her staff are ready to kick off another season of friends, football and, of course, food. Before we know it, the leaves on the trees will begin to change as they welcome football season....

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Welcoming Dizzy Dog to the neighborhood

by (crestongr)

Submitted 08-26-2013 under NONPROFITS

By Betty Westra Located around the corner from Palmer School and down the street from the new City High, Dizzy Dog is a new enterprise with something different. Opened on April 27 of this year by Ross Rockwell, this “family friendly restaurant...

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Foraging Grand Rapids: Purslane

by (rachelcc)

Submitted 08-16-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Note: This is the first article in a series that I will be writing about foraging in West Michigan.   I begin describing my foraging adventures in the city of Grand Rapids and its outer limits with purslane deliberately, because purslane only...

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Shop Seasonally: did someone say sweet corn?

by (Amy Hinman)

Submitted 07-31-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

What's in season at the farmers market? A better question might be what isn't in season? Greens are finally making an exit, but in their place comes everything from eggplant to to heirloom tomatoes to the long anticipated sweet...

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Shop seasonally: fickle for pickles

by (Amy Hinman)

Submitted 07-24-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Don't let the summer heat keep you from seeking out fresh produce at the market. Greens, peppers, eggplants, garlic...there is so much coming into season you may not even need to go to the grocery store. And if you had a hankering for a pickle,...

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Vote for the best representation of Grand Rapids food culture in Grandwich competition

by (Loukas Peterson)

Submitted 07-23-2013 under NEWS

The largest annual sandwich competition for Grand Rapids starts today, July 23. Dozens of venues will offer their sandwiches and let the public decide which one is the best. Through August 16, Rapidians are encouraged to try the many different...

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Send your kids to food camps at the Downtown Market

by (Loukas Peterson)

Submitted 07-23-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

To add to their local vendor expansion and hour extention, the Grand Rapids Downtown Market is starting weekly food programs for kids. Camp Sprout, designed for kids ages 6 through 11, will introduce young children to the basics of nutrition, the...

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Taste of Grand Rapids event to host 25 local restaurants, live entertainment

by (CL)

Submitted 07-18-2013 under NEWS

The 15th Annual Taste of Grand Rapids will take place July 19 and 20, featuring a wide variety of food from 25 local restaurants. The family-fun event will also be hosting a state-sanctioned barbecue competition, West Michigan Trucking show and live...

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