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West Michigan Woman announces 2018 Brilliance Award winners

by (Queenofgr)

Submitted 04-30-2018 under NEWS

West Michigan Woman Magazine is a print and online publication created for and by professional women in our community. With a distinctly local focus, it offers engaging, relevant content on subjects ranging from career, to travel, to home life, to...

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Seven lessons of commuting to college from home

by (Sara Lackey)

Submitted 04-25-2018 under OPINION

I choose to live at home with my parents and commute to college instead of living in a dorm. As many of my friends picked out bedding and new outfits and gleefully packed up their cars, I was still working my summer job before school began. As the...

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Grand Rapids Griffins excel in community involvement

by (ferrarok)

Submitted 05-16-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

If you've ever been to a Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game, then you know they can put on an entertaining hockey game, but it's what is done behind the scenes that makes those games so exciting. I had the opportunity to sit down with...

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[MIDTOWN] Upcoming winter events for Midtown neighbors!

by (MidtownGR)

Submitted 01-04-2011 under NONPROFITS

Be on the lookout as Midtown Neighborhood Association staffers prepare residents for several upcoming activities.   Mapping Midtown: Graffiti and vacancies Street by street and door-to-door, our staffers are working to connect with you....

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