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City Connection welcomes Commissioner Senita Lenear to monthly show

by (GRTV)

Submitted 12-01-2014 under NEWS

Every month on the first Monday, Mayor Heartwell is open to all questions sent in during his live on-air show "City Connection."  This month, the mayor has given the seat to City Commissioner Senita Lenear, so that she could answer questions...

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Open letter to our leaders: time to prohibit use of wild animals in entertainment

by (Matthew C. Halteman)

Submitted 09-19-2014 under OPINION

I recently sent the following letter to the Mayor and our City Commissioners as part of the End Circus Cruelty campaign, in which a significant and rapidly growing number of concerned Grand Rapidians are asking the city to pass an ordinance that...

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Legalization of urban chickens shows desire for integrated, secure food systems

by (Joel Salatin)

Submitted 09-08-2014 under OPINION

Editor's note: Joel Salatin, author of multiple books and a third-generation alternative farmer and sought-after conference speaker, has become known as "America's most influential farmer" after public discovery of...

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"City of churches" to consider legal action against begging

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 05-20-2014 under OPINION

Grand Rapids City Commissioners will be meeting tonight, Tuesday, May 20, to discuss a proposal intended to put great restraints on panhandling. It wasn't too long ago that we removed laws against begging in our city, and the Federal Court has...

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Commission debate over Airbnb continues

by (NicoleGR)

Submitted 11-15-2013 under NEWS

Recent debate in Grand Rapids has centered around Airbnb, a website that connects visitors in Grand Rapids with homeowners who rent a room in their home. This debated topic helped to encourage a full room at the City Commission public hearing on...

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Share on: Airbnb hosts face challenge with City Commission

by (Erica Curry VanEe)

Submitted 11-07-2013 under OPINION

On October 22, the City Commission had planned to vote on a proposed ordinance change that would make it illegal to advertise home-sharing on sites like Airbnb without a costly business license and permit. Following an outpouring of community...

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Meet the new candidates for area City Commissions

by (NicoleGR)

Submitted 11-03-2013 under NEWS

November 5 elections are just around the corner and in Kent County, there are five new candidates for the City Commission. In Grand Rapids, Tom Kent is running against the current commissioner Rosalynn Bliss. Jerry DeMaagd and Steve Redmond are...

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Place matters if cities are for people

by (ruthkelly)

Submitted 08-20-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

More than most of us realize, the place we live in impacts us. At a visceral level we sense when we love (or don’t) being in certain places in the city but often don’t realize that the physical environment is influencing our...

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Commission to consider proposed tax assessment for neighborhood park

by (Holly)

Submitted 12-17-2012 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids City Commission will be hearing public comment about a proposed assessment for "Pleasant Park" in the South Hill neighborhood. The proposed park area is currently a no-longer-used and often overgrown parking lot....

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Catalyst Radio: GR mayor tells how new city policy is addressing wage theft

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 12-03-2012 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW In this episode of Catalyst Radio we explore the issue of wage theft – where workers are not paid all of their wages due. Hear Grand Rapids Mayor...

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