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City Commission to meet January 10

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 01-09-2012 under NEWS

This Tuesday, January 10 will be the City Commission's first meeting of the new year. On this week's agenda are a report by the City Clerk in regards to emergency ambulance rates. Ordinances will be covered regarding an amendment...

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City Commission to meet December 20

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 12-16-2011 under NEWS

On Tuesday, December 20th the Grand Rapids City Commission will meet for its bimonthly meeting. On the agenda for this meeting include topics ranging from changes in city retirement plans to improvements at a number of city parks. Also this...

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The Fight for Chickens in Grand Rapids Not Over

by (mdhoyt)

Submitted 11-15-2010 under NEWS

Just a couple of short months back on August 10th, the City of Grand Rapids Commissioners voted no on a resolution that would have amended the law to allow backyard chickens in the city. The vote was held after much input from the public was heard...

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[AUDIO] Cockadoodle do? Or don't?

by (Carolyn)

Submitted 07-13-2010 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids City Commission met with an unprecedented turn-out this evening to hear, among other agenda items, the proposed amendments to the city housing code that would allow hens to be raised and kept in the city limits. Dozens of families...

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A tribute: On the death of Mayor Lyman Parks

by (Mayor George K....)

Submitted 11-04-2009 under OPINION

A Tribute by Mayor George Heartwell Grand Rapids lost a giant yesterday. Former Mayor Lyman Parks died of complications accompanying a stroke. The community is poorer with his passing. Lyman Parks held office during an extraordinary period of...

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Jendrasiak, Shaffer compete once more for 1st Ward Seat

by (maria.amante)

Submitted 11-02-2009 under NEWS

To some voters, their ballots Tuesday will leave them with a slight case of déjà vu. Incumbent Jim Jendrasiak and Dave Shaffer both ran four years ago to be elected to the Grand Rapids City Commission, 1st Ward. When the pair competed in 2005,...

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