Public responds to second night of "Why These Finalists" discussion

by (GRTV)

Submitted 10-08-2014 under NONPROFITS

Tuesday night's Critical Discourse panel- Nicole Caruth, Digital Content Editor forART21, Mia Lopez, Curatorial Fellow at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and Paddy Johnson, founding editor of Art F City- analyzed...

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ArtPrize on Tap- Flight #6: Attendees encouraged to share ArtPrize experience

by (tiffewigleben)

Submitted 10-07-2014 under NEWS

What better combination for Grand Rapids than art and beer? Starting in June and throughout ArtPrize, ArtClub has offered ArtPrize On Tap, their newest membership perk. And it’s still going on. Members and their guest have the opportunity to...

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Art of war at ArtPrize 2014

by (evanarragon)

Submitted 10-03-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

ArtPrize 2014 goers will notice works scattered throughout the exhibition venues addressing the experiences of war. These artists have given their Grand Rapids audiences a reminder that we live in a nation currently involved in military action and...

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My experience of ArtPrize: watching audiences connect with dance in different ways

by (diaghilev)

Submitted 10-02-2014 under VOICES

It's a unique thing to stand in the space where "respirador (breather)" by Dance in the Annex (DITA) is presented during public ArtPrize hours. I've made an effort to be in the space whenever possible, to be available to answer...

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Artist caricatures ArtPrize, West Michigan, fellow artists with exhibit "FartPrize"

by (victoriawhat)

Submitted 10-02-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

At this year's ArtPrize, Vertigo Records on South Division plays host to "FartPrize," an ink-drawn exhibit by Anna Lisa Schneider, whose work is intended to hold up a mirror to the ArtPrize experience. FartPrize critiques...

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Early hours: Outdoor venues provide art opportunities beyond official ArtPrize hours

by (Holly)

Submitted 09-30-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

There's just not enough time to see all the art: it's a common complaint during ArtPrize season. Whether it's due to a limited schedule or a desire to see more of the work, venturing out to outdoor venues on off hours can help solve this...

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"Roundabout2" rare live performance captured on film

by (FotoJosh)

Submitted 09-29-2014 under NEWS

The first time we saw this piece on display at Site:Lab for ArtPrize 2014 we were both attracted to everything about it: power, grace, restriction, aggression, dance - immediately our minds were ticking with ideas on how to film it in action....

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Catalyst Radio: ArtPrize's Critical Discourse to feature Susan Sollins of Art21

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 09-26-2014 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW In this episode of Catalyst Radio we highlight an event within ArtPrize called Critical Discourse – amplified conversations around art, and why it...

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Five local galleries showcase ArtPrize entries

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-24-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

With over 174 venues participating in ArtPrize this year, five of them exist as exhibiting galleries year round within the ArtPrize boundaries. Calvin College’s (106) Gallery (106 South Division Avenue) has created an exhibition...

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New ArtPrize voting structure emphasizes public versus juror debate

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-19-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

In an effort to continue broadening the discussion between public and expert opinions, ArtPrize has changed the prize system for this year which may affect how the public decides to vote. The much talked about Top 10 will become the Final 20, split...

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