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Aerial innovator, MaxAir Trampolines, springs on the scene.




Grand Rapids, MI - Local manufacturer, MaxAir Trampolines, is making a name for itself as a pioneer in extreme sports training equipment. Trampolines have been used by extreme sports athletes (freeskiiers, snowboarders, wake boarders, etc.) as a training tool for some time now, but by changing the shape, size, and spring technology of the bed, MaxAir has created an innovative new product that is specific to that purpose - the 14' x 14' Super Quad.


Dubbed "Super Quad" by users at Woodward Snowboard and Ski Camp, this giant trampoline has become the main attraction at both of Woodward's world class training facilities - in Soda Springs, CA and Copper Mountain, CO. "Our 14’ x 14’ trampoline is the best training tool we have for teaching tricks to action sports athletes," says Woodward at Copper Program Manager, Phoebe Mills. Since MaxAir's first Super Quad sale over a year ago, many other similar facilities have purchased a Super Quad and found the same satisfaction. Its high-performance, custom springs with self-centering technology and enormous, hand-loomed trampoline bed appeal to these athletes by simulating the feeling of hitting a "big air" jump.


MaxAir's Super Quad installed at Woodward Ski and Snowboard Camp in Copper Mountain, CO


Pros aren't the only ones excited about this product; MaxAir has also installed a number of its Super Quads in private backyards - especially in the Grand Rapids area - and has big plans to grow that market. "Parents love that our trampoline is installed in-ground or into a deck instead of on a metal frame, simply because it looks nicer; but the biggest reason is that there is much less potential for kids to hurt themselves on a ground level frame that is completely covered by thick, custom-fit padding" says MaxAir founder and owner, Paul Hagan about his backyard buyers.


About MaxAir Trampolines


The young company recently adopted the name "MaxAir Trampolines" (formerly Tramp Squared) to better communicate its number one goal: to provide a trampoline that gives extreme sports athletes enough airtime to perform complex, off-axis spins and flips without the fear of falling over the side. Along with the name change, MaxAir has been rolling out a new online marketing strategy that is focused on connecting with extreme sports communities through social media to help with customer service and product development. Their website can be found at with links to social media in the bottom, right hand corner.

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