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5 Foreign Designers to Watch For

Monday, June 16, 2014


With a global network connecting the continents, fashion design is more enticing than ever! Exclusive creators are stepping forth from New Zealand, Korea, India, Venezuela and Ireland, and their styles are sensational. So, who are some of the top stylists who are getting noticed? The following are five of the top foreign designers to watch for.

1)Sir Michael Hill:Renowned designer, Sir Michael Hill, began selling his line of exquisite diamond, precious stone and metal jewelry in 1979, when he opened his first jewelry store in Whangarei, New Zealand with his wife. Today, in addition to his online stores, almost 250 Michael Hill outlets are located throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with a corporate office in Brisbane, Australia. Sir Michael Hill says that his ‘first love’ was music; therefore, he seeks to infuse the elusive qualities of beautiful melodies into his ring, bracelet, earring, and necklace collections.

2)Choonmoo Park:Born in southern Korea, in the town of Kimje, Choonmoo Park experienced an early introduction to textiles in her father’s factory. Motivated by the qualities inherent in fabrics, she set out to design her own fashions and her label, DEMOO, was introduced in 1988. In the last few years, she has received worldwide recognition, and in 2010, Choonmoo Park was voted Most Influential Designer. Her clothing styles often consist of updated geometric shapes and combinations of black and gray.

3)Naeem Khan:In 1958,Naeem Khan was born in Mumbai, India. He has been a respected member of the clothing community for several years and attributes many of his designs to the impressions ‘Indian workshop’ crafts made on him duringhis formative years. He and his wife, Ranjana Khan, a former model who designs jewelry, are currently based in NYC. Carrie Underwood, BeyoncĂ©, Michelle Obama, and Eva Longoria are just a few of the celebrities who wear his creations.

4) Angel Sanchez:In Venezuelan,Angel Sanchez’s started out in architecture, in spite of the fact that he had watched his mother work with fabrics and dressmaking as a child. A couple of years after graduating, Sanchez decided to takethe principles of design and apply them to fashion design. With a celebrity following that includes Salma Hayek, Giselle Bundchen, and Taylor Swift.His styles are beautifully tailored and crafted to bring out the most graceful elements of the feminine form. Angel Sanchez’s bridal and evening gowns have gained worldwide attention.

5) Danielle Romeril:A2010, MA graduate from the Royal Academy of the Arts,Danielle Romeril, earned several highly respected awards that include the Fiskars Award, the Swarovski & Sophie Hallette, and the International Flavors and Fragrances (I.F.F.) Award. Before her own label debuted in 2012, Danielle Romeril paired up with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti. A native of south Dublin, she has gained acknowledgement for her designs in several countries.

Each of these five international artists is making a mark and gaining prominence in the industry, as well as being among the top designers to watch for in the years ahead!

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