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A little hard work and a lot of HOPE gets the job done!

A little hard work and a lot of HOPE gets the job done!

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Mark Siegrist tries out the trail.

Mark Siegrist tries out the trail.

Skip Herrema, lead designer for the trail system.

Skip Herrema, lead designer for the trail system.

As you drive by the Marywood campus you may see the shiny new windmill that has been installed as part of The Saint Francis Sculpture Garden for Prayer and Meditation. Thanks to the hard work of Instruments of Hope and several volunteers and donors, the garden is progressing and trails are being carved out of a quiet, natural corner of the campus.  

Boulders and fill soil were brought in and installed on edges of the ramp down to the plaza area. Area for the entryway and plaza were cleared of heavy underbrush and some small trees to provide the rough grading and outlining of those 'welcoming' and 'staging' areas.

Initial trails were constructed by laying down a mesh underlay to keep growth from coming back. The next two steps were to lay down crushed concrete and then a top coat of stone dust. This finished trail from the entryway down to the plaza is the same construction that will eventually be throughout the new trails system. A transit confirmed the downward grade of the trail met all ADA (American Disabilities Act) for future wheelchair access.

Photographs at right are of IOH President Mark Siegrist (at right) walking down the finished path that connects the entryway and plaza area; Skip Herrema (of Skip's Landscaping) who is the lead designer for the trail system and eventual sculpture sites is resting after much planning, and a lot of heavy lifting. This wind driven aerator takes the place of an electric unit and should be effective in as little as 3-5 MPH winds. Weighted tubing will deliver the air to two diffusers strategically placed in the bottom of the pond.

We all hope it works with the limited wind in the area.Prayer will be appreciated.  You can view a victory shot above with Allan Siegrist, Mark Siegrist and Joe Bartolatto after the windmill tower was completed. 

More construction is planned and the work continues. The finished trails, sculptures, and quiet spaces will be a peaceful oasis when the work is complete. Stay tuned for updates and information.


This article is a follow up on the progress of a sculpture garden that is being constructed on the grounds of the Marywood campus.(See related article for historical info.)

Information supplied by Mark Siegrist of Instruments of Hope.

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