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Stacey Clack Photography: Behind the lens

Stacey Clack Photography is a downtown business run by a woman with both passion and purpose. Her story and connections with other female-owned local businesses are enough to inspire women everywhere to do what they love in any way they can.
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Our society is opening doors for entrepreneurs to accomplish most anything they set their minds to. With technology and social media advances serving as the floodgates for this sea of idealistic innovation, women of Grand Rapids are stepping up to the challenge. Stacey Clack Photography is a living example of a woman who has not only developed a business, but an art that stems from her passion of capturing stories within a lens. 

After beginning to photograph family and friends in 2007, she launched her business the following year and quickly found the niche that would set her apart from other photographers: her love for people. A passion that when mixed with some creativity has the power to turn good photographs into cherished works of art.

As for creativity, she's got that covered as well. Painted doors, shutters, tires and home–made lemonade stands are only a few of the props she has made specially to add some flare to her photographs. If you were to stop by her house, you would notice a couple vehicles in the driveway because she and her husband "can no longer park in the garage —it's so full of photography props!"

Stacey also sets herself apart by hosting mini sessions with Grand Rapids based designers. These sessions consist of taking pictures of children modeling different clothing. "Too Cute For Your Tutu" features AbbyElle's line. KBella Bambino provides use of her clothing for "Dapper Dudes" and DreamSpun Kids designs are used for a "Pettishoot"—just to name a few.

She will also be partnering with Vintage Couture's rep Melissa Steen and Gymnastics Unlimited on December 3, 2011 for a fun kids fashion show. Events like these benefit everyone involved. The designers have photos of adorable children modeling their clothes, the clients are offered special deals to purchase proofs of the shoot, and Stacey gets to do what she loves to do. Her website list dates for upcoming events.

In addition to the types of sessions Stacey already offers, she hopes to launch a new type of stylized session geared specifically towards each individual child. She is currently working on a few sample sessions to share with the launch in Spring 2012. Stacey is also taking a new approach in letting her photographs tell the stories of her favorite subject: Engagements.

Instead of photographing in the same locations over and over, her sessions are custom designed to fit her client's interests and lifestyles. After filling out a questionnaire on the client's relationship as a couple, Stacey's imagination begins to develop the type of shoot that will best fit the client. She comes up with different props to use, sites to photograph at and themes to capture—then generates the desired style of the session. The end result involves the engaged couple's personality being portrayed throughout the photo shoot along with picture perfect memories. 

She also recently moved out of her downtown studio in order to aid in her mission of being a "life story" teller. The business is easily finding its new home within the hearts of those who have stories to tell in this creative form. The woman with the camera is never far behind. The innocent eyes of a child, the hands that shook when he offered her his future, the depth of a bond shared by a family journeying through life together —all are priceless framed moments that this woman has found a way to capture.

What's next for Stacey Clack Photography? Besides balancing her business ventures with being a wife and mother of three, she says that she "hopes to someday create a photo project/book and travel to Africa to document the injustice the children face there." What's next for you? Make sure to always do what you love and let life fall into place behind it. Grasp all that our ever changing world has to offer, make it your own and enjoy every second of it. 

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Wonderful article Abigail.  Keep up the great work!