Sustainable Entertainment Part 1: UICA

Submitted 02-13-2010 under OPINION

Of the many reasons that my wife Jewly and I finally made the move to Grand Rapids, one major factor  was the multitude of options for entertainment. The rewards of the vast quantity of choices for a night out on the town, and the convenience...

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Music and LOVE are in the air….

Submitted 02-11-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Heeeeyyy-o! It is almost the weekend and things are bumping. Flowers and sweets are flying off the shelves everywhere and reservations are being made for nibbling and nookie. I fully embrace a consumerist holiday where the main premise is showing...

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Remembering Dirk Koning

Submitted 02-11-2010 under OPINION

 It was five years ago on February 10 at about 7:00 a.m. that I received the phone call from Tim Goodwin, Dirk Koning’s best friend, with the dreaded news.  Dirk had not survived the catheter ablation procedure that was meant to cure his atrial...

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Interview with Allison Iraheta

Submitted 02-09-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Rapidian reporters Maurice Preston and Sophia Maslowski interviewed Allison Iraheta in September 2008 while she was on tour in Grand Rapids along with Adam Lambert, Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver, Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai.

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Presentation Thursday night on the Jazz Giants of Michigan, 1920s - 1960s

Submitted 02-08-2010 under NONPROFITS

By Sharon Hanks - The Grand Rapids Historical Society Get ready for a night of toe tappin' and head bobbin'. Jazz lovers can enjoy a fabulous evening of great recorded jazz music and images from the past, especially those from Detroit clubs,...

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Art Work, Football and enchiladas! Word on the Street February 5

Submitted 02-05-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Hey hey hey! Did you know the Super bowl is this weekend!? How did that happen!? I have to admit, I am not a sports fan, but once a year… on Superbowl… I resign myself to watching a single sporting event…. Of course I have NO idea what is going on...

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Mayor Nods to “Rapids on the Grand”

Submitted 02-01-2010 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell included recommendations from Green Grand Rapids in his annual State of the City address on Saturday, January 30th.  Among several important, yet ho-hum initiatives listed in the address, such as “manage...

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On the Cheap!

Submitted 01-27-2010 under OPINION

I know this time of year can be tight SO this weekend there are a bunch of SUPER cheap options (mostly 6$ and under!) and a whole bunch of freebies! If you are going to splurge I suggest the Ballet, normally maybe not for everyone, but their Chaplin...

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Rock Out for Haiti

Submitted 01-27-2010 under NONPROFITS

Even two weeks after the 7.3 earthquake that flattened Port-au-Prince, the shocking images coming in from Haiti still seem seared on our minds. Thousands dead, thousands more homeless, hungry and thirsty. In the face of such devastation, what can...

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Ed Wong-Ligda Mural Nears Completion

Submitted 01-22-2010 under NONPROFITS

Even before Grand Rapids Community Foundation moved into its new home at the corner of Grandville Avenue and Oakes Street, a mural by Ed Wong-Ligda was in the plans. Next month, the commissioned painting will be installed in the Community Foundation...

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