Catalyst Radio: Annual Bikestock festival promises vintage bikes, bike polo and more in the midst of a criterium race

Submitted 08-12-2011 under NONPROFITS

Don't have time to listen right now? Download the MP3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW (10:12) Josh McBryde, a board member of the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition, wrench head at local Ada Bike Shop and co-organizer of the...

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Chain of Lakes releases new EP "Kind of Quiet"

Submitted 08-11-2011 under OPINION

Grand Rapids area musician Kyle Rasche writes and performs original music under the name Chain of Lakes. The six tracks on Chain of Lakes’ newest release Kind of Quiet is available for pre-order (the EP debuts on August 28th, 2011) on bandcamp...

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ArtPrize hosts volunteers for kick-off event

Submitted 08-10-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Imagine that you have decided to become more involved in your community. Imagine that ArtPrize is the event that you settle on as the object of your altruistic work. What sort of experience welcomes a volunteer for this local art extravaganza? Great...

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Polaroids, community, and crafts : The importance of doing it together

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  The following thoughts are brought to you by Marlee Grace Cook-Parrott, intern for the Market presented by the Avenue for the Arts.   I look around and find more inspiration and sensation in every person and in every day. Moving to Grand...

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City Lights Music Festival coming to Calder Plaza

Submitted 08-10-2011 under NEWS

City Lights  Music Festival is coming to Calder Plaza on Saturday August 20. Eight performers will take the stage from 4 p.m.-12 p.m., including Steve Swift, Brandon Hill, Detroit Techno Militia, DJ Godfather, Superdre, Kalendr, Anthony...

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Artifacts from Self Making at the GreenLion Gallery

Submitted 08-09-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

  Earlier this year the GreenLion Gallery opened its doors at 150 E Fulton, in downtown Grand Rapids. Recently I visited the gallery to view their current exhibition which includes work from Renee Zettle-Sterling's “Artifacts from...

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Civic Theatre's "Fame" a hit

Submitted 08-09-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

The musical “Fame” was a hit at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre last Thursday night as a sold-out audience of 800 and a line of waitlisted walk-ins swarmed the lobby, anxious to take their seats. “Fame,” a widely acclaimed musical...

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Catalyst Radio: Pekich Park Concert Series to increase community investment

Submitted 08-05-2011 under NONPROFITS

Don't have time to listen right now? Download the MP3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW (9:49) Among the many neighbors in Heartside, Hugo Claudin, an artist and community organizer, noticed that Pekich Park has become a very active...

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The Artists of Heartside Gallery and Studio-- Anthony Harrell

Submitted 08-02-2011 under NONPROFITS

This article was written in collaboration with the artist. Our featured artist for August is Anthony Harrell.  Anthony passed away in July, and was one of the founding members of Heartside Gallery and Studio.  In the words of one...

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Catalyst Radio: All4One a free festival to benefit the Humane Society of West Michigan

Submitted 07-29-2011 under NONPROFITS

Short on time? Download the interview and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW (11:55) Michele Fife of Seva Yoga and Nikki Outhier join us on air to alert animal lovers to a fundraiser for the Humane Society of West Michigan. All day on Saturday...

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