The Rapidian


West Michigan winters I have known

Submitted 12-12-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Remembering winters in Grand Rapids and the challenges they posed.


Losing time: amnesia survivor tells her story

Submitted 12-11-2013 under VOICES

Megan Brown shares what it's like to have amnesia. She knows: when she was 16, she lost almost three years of her life after a seizure.


Wealthy Theatre awarded grant, hopes to become world's first LED historic theatre

Submitted 12-05-2013 under NONPROFITS

American stage lighting company Electronic Theatre Controls awarded CMC an industry-best ION 2000 lighting console, helping the theatre get closer to converting 100% to LED lighting.


Little Prairie in the Big City

Submitted 09-13-2013 under NONPROFITS

Join us in connecting sacred teaching on the care of creation with the sustainability movement. We are working to establish a portion of the Marywood campus into a prairie habitat.


Why are the birds not singing? Calvin biology professor and students investigate

Submitted 08-27-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Calvin College biology professor Darren Proppe and a team of Calvin students spent the summer investigating the effects of human noise on songbirds


GR Makers support ideas, collaboration

Submitted 07-02-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Join the free social gatherings Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at 401 Hall Street SW to share ideas and meet fellow makers.


BLOOMferments paves path for fermented foods

Submitted 06-18-2013 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

A new local organic business is creating healing concoctions through various forms of fermentation.


Kent County Parks Foundation partners with GRPS on sustainability project

Submitted 05-24-2013 under NEWS

Park project, a part of the district's Transformation Plan, will result in the removal of invasive plant species in Millennium Park by Sibley Elementary students


Educating children about invasive species

Submitted 02-20-2013 under VOICES

Two high school students from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science share their experiences while teaching first graders about invasive species.


Glance at the Past - Steam Heat

Submitted 02-20-2013 under NONPROFITS

In 1897 the Edison Electric Company began laying mains in the streets and alleys to furnish steam heat to businesses. Today, steam is still produced and distributed to approximately 130 customers in the downtown area of Grand Rapids.