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The Reluctant Fundamentalist opens at UICA

Submitted 06-07-2013 under OPINION

The UICA is set to screen The Reluctant Fundamentalist for the next two weeks.


Sheryl Budnik's relentless landscapes on view at Forest Hills Fine Art Center

Submitted 05-23-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The painterly landscapes of Sheryl Budnik are on display at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center through June 12.


GRAM presents spectacular selection of improvisational quilts

Submitted 05-10-2013 under OPINION

On loan from The Henry Ford Museum, Susana Allen Hunter's colorful quilts are on display at the Grand Rapids Art Museum from May 10 to August 25.


Dancing with DITA

Submitted 05-10-2013 under NONPROFITS

DITA hosted an Education Day, bringing students to the Wealthy Theatre to learn about Modern Dance.


Jammies nominated musician Eric Kehoe releases new track

Submitted 05-09-2013 under OPINION

Local artist Eric Kehoe continues to expand his range and repertoire with "Haunt Me."


Local Music Review: "Softer Sticks" by Chain of Lakes

Submitted 05-03-2013 under OPINION

On Saturday, May 4th 2013, Grand Rapids MI band Chain of Lakes releases their newest album, “Softer Sticks”.


"Room 237" and "The Shining" screening at UICA

Submitted 04-30-2013 under OPINION

The UICA screens Rodney Ascher's unconventional documentary as well as Kubrick's cerebral classic.


Future Rock takes concertgoers to a galaxy far, far away

Submitted 04-29-2013 under OPINION

The progressive electronic band deftly combines guitar, synthesizer and drums with loops and samples to create an unforgettable sonic and visual experience at The Stache


Pieces, moments of Art.Downtown. 2013 leave strong impressions

Submitted 04-29-2013 under OPINION

After the one-night event, I review what lingered in the mind from this year's kick-off of Grand Rapids' art season.


"The We and the I" lacks Gondry's unique visual flair at UICA

Submitted 04-25-2013 under OPINION

Michel Gondry's "The We and the I" is playing at The UICA.