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Reshaping perspectives: The Rocket takes on culture in a new way

Submitted 03-05-2014 under OPINION

"The Rocket" is a story of youth, culture, tradition, and community in Laos, featuring confident performances and brilliant wilderness settings.


The Paczki Report: Local paczki go head to head

Submitted 03-03-2014 under OPINION

Six local Rapidians gathered to compare six different Paczki: everything from Meijer to a homemade version to Bartz Bakery in the Detroit area. They rated and compared their results here.


Big Bad Wolves Now Showing at UICA

Submitted 02-18-2014 under NONPROFITS

A review of the film, Big Bad Wolves, now showing at UICA film theater


Review: The Green Well

Submitted 01-01-2014 under OPINION

Though occasionally stellar, The Green Well remains inconsistent.


Greensky Bluegrass to throw New Year's Eve party at The Intersection

Submitted 12-17-2013 under OPINION

Kalamazoo's Greensky Bluegrass set to bring their unique blend of bluegrass, roots rock, and jam to the Intersection New Years Eve at 8 p.m.


"Beholder" images explore man's disconnection from nature, ritual

Submitted 12-05-2013 under OPINION

Opening this weekend at the Gaspard Gallery on South Division, Chris Cox's photography confronts the viewer with our unease with both spirituality and direct experiences in the natural world.


HopCat hype proves true on most counts

Submitted 11-20-2013 under OPINION

I've visited the world-famous brewpub on a number of occasions and have generally been satisfied with my experience. This time I visited HopCat with a critical tongue, questioning the build-up surrounding the beer, the ambiance... and the Crack Fries.


Dog Story Theater's "Dress Your Wives" uses comical characters to show humor within tension

Submitted 11-18-2013 under OPINION

Directed and written by former Aquinas student Christopher Vander Ark, this play shows the complexities in a married household of seven, especially when it comes to control.


PechaKucha: 20x20 format shares personal stories for sold-out crowd

Submitted 11-11-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Ten diverse, creative and passionate people shared thier stories with a sold out crowd at San Chez Bistro in a unique 20x20 format called PechaKucha.


GrandCon's inaugural year draws large crowds

Submitted 10-07-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The first year of GrandCon brought in unexpected attendance, donated to charity and allowed for one on one experiences with legends in the comic and game industry.