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Rapidian infuses Facebook commenting on articles

Creating a new way to spark more conversations, commenting using a Facebook account is now available on Rapidian articles.
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Statement of Values

Inclusiveness: It is a core belief of The Rapidian that including many diverse voices will ultimately strengthen the community. We understand that within our community there are many points of view and and differing news priorities. We value and encourage such diversity over style of reporting, issues of seniority or story subject.


Civility: We believe in robust debate and spirited conversation. We also believe meaningful conversation is best enabled through civil debate and respectful exchange of ideas. Content submitted to the Rapidian (including comments) is expected to reflect this value. Personal attacks, slanderous material, hate speech or unsubstantiated accusations will be flagged and removed.


Open Identity (no anonymous posting): In pursuit of meaningful exchange and dissemination of valuable information, we believe we must each take responsibility for our words. Anonymous stories and comments do not support this value and will not be accepted.

For many of us, social sites like Facebook are where we have conversations and interactions with people about anything and everything happening around us. Even here at The Rapidian, we use social media regularly to share our stories. In doing this, we have come to realize that a large number of our audience are on Facebook talking about what's going on at The Rapidian. 

To make it easier for our readers to join the larger conversation, we are integrating Facebook comments directly within our articles. You will still be able to log in and add a comment as before, but now you have the option of commenting through your Facebook account.

It is a high value that everyone is included in the community conversation: our website is a platform for all voices to be heard, with our values of civility and open identity fostering a safe place for respectful conversations to happen. The use of Facebook to comment on articles will still be held to the statement of values standards, which apply to any and all conversations through the Grand Rapids Community Media Center.

We are excited to allow our readers another way to engage, and give our reporters an easy way to start conversation within our community. 

The Rapidian, a program of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Community Media Center, relies on the community’s support to help cover the cost of training reporters and publishing content.

We need your help.

If each of our readers and content creators who values this community platform help support its creation and maintenance, The Rapidian can continue to educate and facilitate a conversation around issues for years to come.

Please support The Rapidian and make a contribution today.

Comments, like all content, are held to The Rapidian standards of civility and open identity as outlined in our Terms of Use and Values Statement. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not hold to these standards.


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