PICTURESQUE is a collaborative and interactive photo project by the Grand Rapids community. Each season, we invite the community to share images around a theme.

Fresh and new

January is full of fresh starts, new resolutions, clean pages and big plans.    Add your "fresh and new" photos to the gallery:  new paper and pens, creating and crafting supplies newly-organized cupboards, fridge and closets bookshelves in order of color or size a neatly-...

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Art or Kitsch?

Our appreciation for art is growing, but let's admit it: we love a good dive into kitsch now and again!  Since this fall our Picturesque challenge is all about creativity, we figured it was only fitting that we gave you some options: 1)Snap a picture of what you think is artistic all...

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In plain sight

More sunlight and longer days means much more to see. At last, spring is here, and in recognition, we're asking: What do you notice or pick up on in Grand Rapids as you go about your routine that you think others miss? What's that public secret that tugs at the corners of your mouth? Or...

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What do you love about West Michigan winters?

Yes, winter can be gray, but Rapidians know it can also be wonderful. Help celebrate the best of West Michigan winter by adding your photos and captions to this special Grand Rapids winter photo album: What do you love about West Michigan winters? And while you're at it, join in The Grand...

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