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Our place, your voices: Why I <3 The Rapidian

I <3 The Rapidian for its volunteer opportunities, its community advocacy and its nonprofit resources.

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The Rapidian is your hyperlocal news source powered by citizen journalism. Everything on The Rapidian is about our place- Grand Rapids, Michigan- and written by your voices. Neighbors keeping neighbors informed about local businesses, events, and issues. 


As an open and welcoming platform for all voices, the Rapidian is truly powered by the people. Please keep the power going with a donation today. This is our place, and these are your voices.


During our Spring Fund Drive, we also have special ways to thank our donors! Along with new ways to show your Rapidian love with pencils, Issue Press notebooks and Citizenshirt bags, we also have great gift certificates donated to the cause from these fine establishments:

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Young citizen journalists interview Mayor Heartwell for The Rapidian

Young citizen journalists interview Mayor Heartwell for The Rapidian /GAAH Press Club

I <3 The Rapidian for its volunteer opportunities

I have volunteered all around town, but no experience beats volunteering for The Rapidian. As a citizen journalist and especially as an editorial mentor, my hard-earned skills and experience as an English teacher, community organizer and advocate are put to good use. I am made to feel that my talents are needed, and that I am listened to and celebrated. When was the last time you were treated to happy hour appetizers and drinks for an informal networking and Q&A session about your experience as a volunteer? This is just common practice at The Rapidian.

I <3 The Rapidian for its NPO resources

During the four plus years I worked as the director of a local literacy coalition, my staff and I published articles showcasing a different literacy organization each month on the Nonprofit Neighbors page. The Rapidian's free platform allowed us visibility to a wider audience with a greater social media reach. I have been continually impressed with The Rapidian's creativity and openness to developing partnerships with nonprofits like the Andy Angelo Press Club project. 

I <3 The Rapidian for its community advocacy 

There is no other news source that has the capacity to celebrate our community like The Rapidian. Everyone, regardless of first language, writing ability, journalistic experience, education level or any other qualifier- is invited to write for The Rapidian.

There are multiple supports in place to make this a reality. If an individual wants to write an article in a language other than English, the staff will figure out a way to make that happen. For individuals who prefer reporting in images or audio instead of the written word, The Rapidian loans audio/visual equipment such as digital cameras and audio recorders to citizen journalists.

As The Rapidian continues to eliminate barriers for individuals to tell their stories, more people will be exposed to realities that might never have otherwise been shared, which will open up possibilities for growing a more inclusive and equitable Grand Rapids.

It is truly the voice of the people.

I <3 The Rapidian because it's rad

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