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Spreading the News

Submitted 05-24-2011 under OPINION

Along with community reporters, the Rapidian counts on community to distribute community news and information.


[MAP] Picturesquing about town

Submitted 05-18-2011 under OPINION

I've mapped most of the Picturesque contributions below, and many are clustered enough to make an afternoon of it. Imagine: a picnic lunch, a photo expedition, a lovely stroll mapped out by your Pictu


The full story: Writing about our community includes more than cultural events

Submitted 05-09-2011 under OPINION

The Rapidian's editor talks about the importance of "hard news" reporting: governement, infrastructure, commerce, and education are an important part of our story.


Super - UICA FIlms review

Submitted 05-05-2011 under OPINION

SUPER fails to leap tall buildings in a single bound, rather, it requires training wheels and more Ellen Page.


Trip The Light: Ephemeral

Submitted 05-04-2011 under OPINION

On one level, Trip The Light is what happens between 8-10 p.m. on Friday, May 6. End of story. And that, my friends, is quite sufficient. But Trip is nothing short of a revolution.


The Rapid: A Bright Future?

Submitted 05-03-2011 under OPINION

Just as you approach the stop, you see the bus pulling away. Could your day get any worse? Now you will have to wait for 30 minutes until the next bus comes along, making you late for work.


Picturesque: In plain sight

Submitted 05-02-2011 under OPINION

The dabs of violet were hardly noticeable. Who else today had spotted this shy cluster huddled by a tree? And then I had to wonder: What do we Grand Rapidians notice that we think others miss?


[HISTORY DETECTIVES] Historical transit decision comes full circle with May 3 millage

Submitted 04-29-2011 under OPINION

A sixth-generation Grand Rapidian reviews the history of GR's coveted railway system and how it comes full circle this month on May 3.


Entrepreneurs are Rapidians, too.

Submitted 04-27-2011 under OPINION

The Rapidian is preparing to welcome local business participation through specialized underwriting, funded reporting and local marketplace section.


Bull's Head offers bargain burgers, crushing crowds

Submitted 04-26-2011 under OPINION

A review of the dining/bar experience at the Bull's Head Tavern in downtown Grand Rapids.