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Late Morning Vehicle Incident in Baxter

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/Erin Wilson

The late morning got loud and smokey with the sound and smell of squealing tires on the street, today, outside the Institute for Global Education (IGE) 1118 Wealthy SE. 

A white, late-model SUV had plowed into the back of a late-model minivan, with engine racing, and the wheels spinning and spewing smoke.

"It was a screeeching sound like I've never heard before," said Wayne Glatz, of Community Media Services.  "When I ran out, there were 3-4 guys already around him I could see him lying on the ground trembling like he was having a seizure."

Linda Gellasch, Community Media Center Director of Finance & Operations, said, "(Wayne) yelled back about the subject having a seizure, and told us to call 9-1-1. When I first looked out, I saw a cloud of thick, gray smoke, and maybe even some fire from the rear left tire - and someone lying on the ground near the driver's door."

The individual rose to his feet, got back in the car, and attempted to start the car and drive away. As he was doing so, a Grand Rapids Fire Department ladder truck pulled alongside the vehicle and the first responders got out and talked him out of starting the car. 

"Thank God the professionals are here now," said a bystander.

An ambulance arrived and the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) put the individual on a gurney, and got him into the ambulance.

 But then the individual began fighting with EMTs and made his way off the gurney and out of the ambulance.  He jumped down and - disorientated - stepped into traffic and was nearly struck by a passing vehicle.  He then ran back to his SUV and attempted to get in. 

At this time, a Grand Rapids Police Department officer was onsite, asking the individual to return to the ambulance.  When he refused and attempted to get in his vehicle again, the officer restrained him and took him to the squad car.

The officer stood outside the window with the individual in the backseat of the squad car, talking him down.  After a few minutes, the individual agreed to take the ambulance ride to the hospital, escorted by the police officer. 

The minivan struck by the SUV sustained minimal damage. A representative from IGE said the SUV was traveling at "parking speed" and "once it was lodged against the minivan, it was like he tried to push it forward, which was impossible."

Several witnesses said the individual seemed to be having a seizure when the incident occurred.

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What is 'parking speed' I wonder?