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Hunger Challenge:Day 2

Stick with me as I move onto day two of the Hunger Challenge. This one features lentil soup, diet coke lust and lots of popcorn.
Lentil Soup Day!

Lentil Soup Day! /Samantha Dine

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My new best friend & constant companion: bowl of air-popped popcorn

My new best friend & constant companion: bowl of air-popped popcorn /Samantha Dine

The stuff dreams are made of, mine at least

The stuff dreams are made of, mine at least /Samantha Dine

It's the end of day two and somewhat of a groove is becoming established. Labor Day is over, so it was back to business as usual for me today. I had to do my office hours at The Rapidian today, and woke up a little late to give much thought to breakfast. I had two slices of semi-burnt peanut butter toast out the door and I scarfed a banana in the car.

I spent the morning trying to make sense of my hunger challenge postings, getting a little more irritated by normal goings on than usual. I usually bring a 24 ounce coffee when I come to work there and buzz my way through my shift. Oh, but not today. I brought a metal water bottle and that was it.

I rushed home after work, ready for lunch. I decided today would be the lentil soup day, but it takes an hour to prep and cook, which seemed like way too long to wait.  But, it was lentil soup day, what could I do? I tided myself over with air-popped popcorn topped with salt and butter while I prepped onions, carrots and garlic for the soup. My soup simmered while I had my daily chat with my Grand Rapids Press partner in the challenge, Jackie Prins. 

She shared with me that she's faring a little better on day two than I am. "Day two, so far is better for me. I had a serving of oatmeal last night before bed and when I woke up this morning I wasn't very hungry at all. I made tuna pasta salad. I used a bunch of stuff I had lying around to season it. I'm happy with how it turned out. I just hope it lasts."

We had an interesting conversation about the comments that have been made about this project so far.

Jackie: Some people have brought up the fact that sometimes food stamps are not a person's entire budget for the month, but more of assistance. They might have a small amount of their own money to add to it. It varies case by case.

Sam: I think that maybe there is a little bit of missing the point in these debates. But I am not trying to take a stand on either side. I have been on food assistance and it worked for me when I needed it. It did not make up my full food budget during that time.

Jackie: I completely agree. Doing something like this, for me, has been a great way to re-evaluate my own spending and try to be less wasteful, as well as better understanding the issue. I have seen people respond positively too. But you are right, it's good to at least spread awareness, no matter where people stand on the issues.

Sam: That was my goal as well. I am glad that people are at least talking about this issue, even if they don't agree with the project.

After our conversation, I had more of my lentil soup for dinner. Lentil soup day is no joke. I'm hoping it will last at least three or four days. As a side dish of sorts, I had an egg sandwich of two eggs and toast. A weird combination, but it worked for me.

It's setting in that I still have five days ahead. I keep opening my cupboard and staring at what is left, thinking that it seemed like so much more in my shopping cart on Saturday. I'm having almost obscene fantasies about the Diet Coke cans in my fridge. Clearly, absence has made my slightly hungry heart grow fonder.


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