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"Grease" is the word!

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A group of GAAH Press Club members were given the opportunity to attend "Grease" on Broadway, at DeVos Performance Hall. Find their reviews of the show are below.

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GAAH's cub reporters of the Press Club had an opportunity to see Grease live for the first time recently. Below are their reviews of the performance.


by Maura M.
On March 1, the Press Club went to the play called “Grease” on Broadway at DeVos Hall. We went there to interview about a play called “Grease.”
What I think about “Grease” is it’s an awesome play. It was an interesting play but the play should be [for ages] 10 and up because they say bad words and do some inappropriate stuff.
The parts I liked is when the Pink Ladies sang “Freddy, My Love” because it was a cool song. I also liked the part when they acted “Shakin’ at the High School Hop.” It was really cool because [of] how they danced. The last thing I liked is when they went to the prom and when they sang because their singing was really good singing. And that’s why I liked these acts.
There are parts I did not like. Like when Marty acted because she thought she was the best from all of them. I also didn’t like when they sang songs really slow because they were slow. The last thing I didn’t like is when Sandy and Danny went to go see a movie because it felt boring.
I give four stars because it was the first play I have ever been to that was fun and it was interesting.



"The Amazing Grease!
by Avelycia O.
On March 1, the GAAH Press Club went to DeVos Hall to watch “Grease” on Broadway. What I think about Grease is it’s a really cool play. My three favorite parts are when Sandy got her ears pierced by her friend and there was a lot of blood. My second favorite part is when Patty meets Sandy and she was so weird. Now, my last one that I saved for the best, is when Sandy changed for Danny so they can get together.
The three parts I don’t like are when Sandy couldn’t go to the dance because she didn’t have someone to go with her. My second part is when Sandy didn’t want to smoke but her new friends made her. My last one that I dislike the most is when Rizzo thought she was pregnant and she was too young.
I don’t recommend it for children at ages 12 and down because it has bad words and has activities that kids should not do. With my honest opinion, I rate it five out of five stars!



by Alexy C.
“Grease, Grease!” is the only thing I had stuck in my head when the GAAH Press Club went to the Devos Hall to watch “Grease” on Broadway.
The best thing in the play was when people started singing “Grease Lightning.” There was a lot of smoke and boys dancing like crazy!! The best song was “You’re the One that I Want,” sang by Sandy and Danny.
Some things weren’t so good. One is that whenever Sandy sang it was kind of boring, but that’s just my opinion. I recommend this to people a lot, but not to kids under the age of 9.
Overall, I give the play five stars!! Because throughout the whole play I was entertained, plus the music was very catchy!!



by Tyesha T.
This review I wrote was on “Grease” because it was like cool. So then all of the ones that are in the GAAH Press Club went to see it.
It was about a group of teenagers that were going to learn about high school. Just don’t let under age kids watch this. But it was a good thing for us to see it. I wish that it was not like so weird, but it was a very good show. I like the Pink Ladies’ coats. Next thing that I liked was Danny and Sandy made a good couple. Rizzo is cool but fake. She thought she was better than everyone else.
Just let older kids watch the movie. Eight to all ages can see it, 1-7 years old can’t see it. I rate this five stars.



by Mary M.
I liked when Sandy met the “Pink Ladies” and told them about a boy she met. I liked the Pink Ladies’ jackets, and I liked the T-Birds’ jackets. I did not like all of the slow songs. I didn’t like when Sandy was fighting with Rizzo. I also did not like all of the kissing! I would not recommend it for kids under 8, because they say too many bad words. I give it a 3.


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