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GAAH Press Club meets Trace Adkins

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The GAAH Press Club had an interview with Trace Adkins. Here they write about their experience.

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The GAAH Press Club had the opportunity to meet country singer Trace Adkins and ask him a few questions about his career, his show Great American Heroes and his future.


Juan, Age 9

On July 16th, 2012 it was a very hot day, and we met Trace Adkins. He had a deep voice, he was tall and had blonde hair. He wore cowboy clothing. He had a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. Trace is 50 years old. We made a song with Mr. Jeremy. And we asked Trace questions and we went outside and surprised Ms. Lori. The Press Club had a very good time with Trace Adkins. 

Ana, Age 11

Do you want to know about Trace Adkins? Well the Press Club can tell you about it. The first thing the Press Club did was sing a song with Mr. Jeremy. The song the Press Club did was about our friends and family. 

The next thing the Press Club did was interview Trace Adkins. The Press Club asked him a few questions like how old he was when he started to sing, and Trace said he was 17 when he started to sing.

A few minutes later the Press Club surprised Ms. Lori with a bunch of stuff for the Creative Youth Center. Miss Lori also earned a $5,000 dollar check. Miss Lori had a big smile and was so surprised. The Press Club thinks she is our hero. All of the Press Club hopes you liked this article.

Donny, Age 12 

The Press Club went to go see two singers. They went to go see Jeremy Verwys and Trace Adkins. They were very tall and Trace Adkins had a cowboy hat. They went to see them on Monday July 16th and Tuesday July 17th. It was at the Baxter Community Center.

There were cameras everywhere! But they got to meet Jeremy Verwys. They started to make a song with him. It was about when families have hard times. After the Press Club was done with the lyrics, Jeremy sang the song.

The Press Club asked Trace Adkins, "What did you feel when you first got on stage?"

Trace Adkins answered, "The first time I got on stage I was playing guitar. I didn't sing."

Another person from Press Club asked, "Why did you choose to do the Great American Heroes Program?"

Trace replied, "Because I've been traveling around the country for a lot of years and I've met a lot of wonderful people, just selfless individuals, that try to help other people."

The thing that really surprised the Press Club was that they got to meet Trace Adkins. After the Press Club interviewed Trace Adkins, there was a surprise for Ms. Lori. She got $5,000 and supplies!

Antonio, Age 11

The Press Club felt nervous when Trace Adkins stepped in the door. There were cameras everywhere. Almost nobody has that kind of experience. His voice startled some of the Press Club members. He didn't know he was going to be famous. He said "I didn't allow myself to dream that big."

A Press Club member said, "What did you feel when you first got on stage?"

Trace Adkins said, "Scared, petrified." He also said, "I was scared, and that's not a bad thing." 

When the interview ended, we all went outside except Ms. Lori, under the blazing heat. Then finally she came. We all said, "Surprise!" Trace Adkins surprised Ms. Lori with a $5,000 check!

Shirley, Age 10

"Oh hi, are you Trace Adkins?"

"Uh, no? I'm Jeremy."

Well it started when Press Club got in the waiting room.

"What are you doing with us then?"

"Writing a song with you!"

Later we went to a room where we had to write the questions to interview him. I wrote three good questions. Here they are. How surprised was your family of your job? How did you get the thoughts of using all the words in your song? Do you get chilled out on stage? After that we had to do a lot of thinking for the song. We called it "Desperately." I don't want to tell more because people call me a spoiler.

Dulce, Age 12

"Wow!" the kids whispered when they entered the room quietly. The camera producers told the kids to wait as they got everything ready to start. That exact day we met 50 year old Trace Adkins. 

As the time passed by it was time to ask our questions to Trace Adkins. One of the Press Club members asked him curiously, "How old were you when you got your first inspiration to make country music?"

He slowly looked at the wall and had a big flashback, and then answered, "I don't know that I allowed myself to dream that big. I grew up in a small town and started playing guitar when I was 10, started singing when I was 17. But I didn't really allow myself to dream that big. Only after I moved to Nashville 20 years ago did I finally start to think that maybe I had a chance to earn a living playing music."

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